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Theme: Ex Nihilo

Brussels, Belgium
October 28th, 2013

About this event

Ex Nihilo means choosing to construct, deciding to bring into being; it has a binary aspect. On one side is emptiness, non-existence, the void - Nihilo. On the other is creation, it comes out of nothingness and into being. Ex Nihilo is where paradigm shifts happen. The old order of things gives way to novel ideas, disruptive invention, and brand new discoveries. Quantum leaps of progress and improvement.

The necessary conditions don't come along every day but when they do, you'd better get ready. Everything will be challenged.

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Scott Thomas
    Yes We Can Campaign
  • Jessica Richman
    Citizen Scientist
  • Neelie Kroes
    Vice President EU Commission
  • Jason Dunn
    3D printing in space
  • Eric Melloul
  • Slava Rubin
    crowdfunding expert
  • Matt Dobson
    Empathetic Algorithms
  • Tan Le
    Brain Machine Interface
  • James Monsees
  • Diana Reiss
    Internet of Species
  • Antony Evans
    The Glowing Plant
  • Cedric Hutchings
    Mobile Health
  • Luise Leconte
    Women in Armor
  • Mark Post
    Lab Grown Burger
  • Alexander Asseily
    Network of Opinions
  • Peter Mombaerts
    Smelling Neurons
  • Mikko Hypponen
    Cyber Criminality
  • Neils Shoe Meulman
  • Will Henshall
    Music to focus
  • Megan Moynahan
    Artificial Nervous Systems
  • Amalya Delepierre
    Rising Voice
  • Tim Exile
    Electronic Music Improvisor
  • Lode Dewulf
    Medical Taboo
  • Jean Paul Van Bendegem

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Venue and Details

Rue Ravenstein 23
Brussels, 1000
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Walter De Brouwer
Mountain View, CA, United States

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Samia Lounis
Brussels, Belgium

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Bernadett Lauko
Igor Celikovic
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Yvette Mukenge