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This event occurred on
October 10, 2013
7:00pm - 9:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

In Tomsk disposal there is a new format - TEDxTomskSalon, which allows to discuss the key topics and challenges, which have been represented by the speakers on the global set of TED conferences and which are very crucial in the local and Tomsk city context. What is relevant for Tomsk today? What is really important for us? These issues are represented in the saloon’s agenda – «The burning reality: distance, speed, time». At the first TEDxTomskSalon citizens will discuss the most important «values» of our lives, which undergo different transformations. Will contemplate, how our reality does change.
Today the nature of social relationship, distance between people, between space-world and digital world changes. Modern technologies allow one subject to have space-world and digital world changes simultaneously. In public health service the transition to personalizied medicine is crucially changing ethical and technologic distance between patient and doctor – their interaction start being more complex, individually-oriented, based on new technologies (big data, supercomputer and etc.) These topics will be discussed on the session «Distance».
The speed of the invention, the distribution of scientific knowledge and technology, elevation of openness and accessibility of science is steadily increasing. At the session «Speed» it is possible to see what in the social environment nowadays is spreading fast, and what is spreading slowly.
In the spotlight of session «Time» there are questions concerning the issue: what do we spend our time during all our life on, how do we manage it, how much time do we devote to the obtaining of success, the generation of idea, the creation of a new product?
TEDxTomskSalon invites Tomsk citizens, who are ready to discuss world topics and find alternatives of its practical realization in Tomsk urban life.

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Tomsk, Russian Federation