x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
August 31, 2010
8:00am - 8:00am HKT
(UTC +8hrs)
Hung Hom
Hong Kong

The theme for the event was Creativity in Action. The event included both local and international speakers, musical performances, comedy, and live theater. We were honored to have Jane Goodall at the event as well as Canto-pop sensation GEM. Topics spanned the environment, education, diet and health, technology, adventure, social entreprise, cultural differences, and urban development.

Hung Hom
Hong Kong
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Jane Goodall

As a 25-year-old in 1960, she had traveled from England to Tanzania and bravely entered the little known world of wild chimpanzees. She was equipped with nothing more than a notebook and pair of binoculars. But with her rare degree of patience, and fortified by characteristic optimism, she won the trust of these initially shy creatures. She managed to open a window into their sometimes strange and often familiar-seeming lives. The public was fascinated and remains to to this day. Today, Jane’s work revolves around mobilizing action on behalf of not only chimpanzees, but for all animals, people and the environment. Jane travels an average of 300 days per year speaking in packed auditoriums and school gymnasiums about the threats facing chimpanzees, other environmental crises, and her reasons for hope that we will ultimately solve the problems that we have imposed on the earth. Jane continually urges her audiences to recognize their own personal power and responsibility to effect positive change through consumer action, lifestyle change and activism. This year is especially important for Jane as she celebrates the 50th anniversary of her research project in Gombe Stream Reserve. This study of animals in the wild if the longest running project of its kind!

Ben Goertzel

Dr. Ben Goertzel is CEO of AI software company Novamente LLC and bioinformatics company Biomind LLC, Director of Research of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, cognitive science, data mining, machine learning, computational finance, bioinformatics, virtual worlds and gaming and other areas. As leader of the OpenCog project, Goertzel aims to build an open-source general artificial intelligence engine. In 2001, he founded Novamente LLC [Nova Mente for “new mind”] that supplies software products and services leveraging artificial general intelligence technology.

Christine Loh

Christine Loh has been widely acknowledged locally and internationally for her public policy as well as civic work, including as a “Hero of the Environment” by TIME in 2007. She was a successful business woman from the 1980s to 1994, when she focused full-time on legislative work. In 2000, she chose not to stand for re-election to the Hong Kong legislature and started the non-profit think tank, Civic exchange to work on policy solutions. Today, her insights, advice and moderating skills are highly sought after. She is a published author of many books, creator of a variety of civic enterprises, and an arts enthusiast.

Martin Tam

Martin Tam is an architect and Chairman of FHKI’s Group 2 [building materials] to realize his vision- to find a way to achieve harmony with the environment via the production and use of building materials. He is civic-minded and has contributed to numerous community projects and programs. His passion is for zero-carbon and sustainable development, including the use of innovative materials, waste reduction, material recycling, alternative energy sources, water conservation, microclimatology, wide and varied uses of bamboo. He opined current way of industrialization, which has been going on for over 200 years and involve stripping resources to turn into profit is clearly not sustainable quite simply because we are stripping resources at a much faster rate than the regeneration of resources.

Edward Ng

Prof Edward Ng is an Architect, a Professor of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong [CUHK], Chairman of Council of Management of Wu Zhi Qiao [Bridge to China] Charitable Foundation. His research area has been focused on sustainable architecture in recent years. At the same time, he created and directs the M.Sc. Sustainable and Environmental Design Programme at CUHK. As an environmental consultant to the Hong Kong SAR Government, he developed the performance based daylight design building regulations and the Air Ventilation Assessment [AVA] Guidelines and its technical methodology. Professor Ng is a daylight and solar energy expert advisor to the Chinese Government. His design works has twice recipient of the International Awards of the Royal Institute of British Architects and other international famous awards.

Douglas Woodring

Doug was born in California, but has worked in Asia for over 17 years. He is an environmental and technology entrepreneur, as well as a water sports enthusiast. Prior to working with startups, he created a framework for a global environmental technology fund at Merrill Lynch in 1998. He is currently working with a variety of renewable energy technologies, including microwind, wave, and for buildings, living vertical green walls. He is the chairman of the Environmental Committee at the American Chamber in Hong Kong, organizer of two open water swim races, and well connected throughout the region in the areas of the environment and new media technologies. Currently, he is a member of Project Kaisei.

Robert Yung

Robert Yung, Ph.D. is executive vice president and chief technology officer [CTO] of Tessera, a company provides innovative technologies that are transforming next-generation wireless, consumer and computing products. He is the inventor of 70 issued and more than 20 pending patents. In 2000, he was named to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Leaders [GLT]” in Switzerland. He was named to the National Committee of U.S.- China Relation’s Fellow in 2002.

Howard McCrary

Howard McCrary is an African-American musician, entertainer, and actor. He was nominated for Grammy award in 1986 for a gospel record. Credited for vocal performances and arrangements on the music albums of Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire and many others. He also appears in the first Gospel Album The Chinese [released on July, 2009] of The Chung Brothers [Henry & Roger Chung] in Hong Kong, acting as arranger, pianist and singer in the song Soul Seranade, Part II. He guest-starred in the television series Amen, and Martin.

The Show Choir

THE SHOW CHOIR [Hong Kong] founded by Horace Mui, a versatile group of talented young musicians who are dedicated to singing, dancing, and entertaining. Through learning songs of varying styles, ranging from operas to pop musicals, and from Cantonese pop to hip-pop, The Show Choir aims to build a repertoire of music that can both widen artistic capabilities and help develop and broaden musical mindset. The members can grow and develop their potentials together through the group with the top-notch training given, and through performing with prestigious musicians and singers.

Vivek Mahbubani

Vivek Mahbubani is a bi-lingual and Hong Kong-based stand-up comedian who performs in both Cantonese and English. He was crowned 2007 Chinese and 2008 English Funniest Comedian in Hong Kong and was the host of the TV series “Hong Kong stories” by RTHK. He appeared in a cameo role for the movie “All’s well, ends well 2009” and is a headliner at TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong. Aside from comedy, Vivek is the drummer for the local heavy metal band Eve of Sin and a freelance web designer & developer.

Organizing team


Tai Po, Hong Kong
  • Alick Lau
  • Coco Wong
    Program Committee Chair
  • Mary Talbott
    Production Manager
  • Yuxin Hou