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Theme: Time Voyager

This event occurred on
April 26, 2014
12:00am - 8:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Piraeus, I

Time. One of the few elements in life we yet haven't been able to control. Past. Present. Future. Acts of times long gone define who we have become today. Ideas of the past are in our time some of the biggest achievements mankind can demonstrate. Dreams, plans and actions we make today so we can built our tomorrow. And that future is unpredictable.

This year TEDx University of Piraeus invites you to a spacetime journey. This year we invite you to become a Time Voyager!

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus
Av. Ir. Politexniou 34, Piraeus 185 35
Piraeus, I, 18534
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University (What is this?)
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Achilleas Stamatiadis

Achilleas Stamatiadis is a scholarship student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently studies: Political Science, International Relations and Classical Philology. As a sophomore, he participated voluntarily in a Student –run, Tutoring initiative at Boston University, teaching extracts of Classical literature from translation to students who attended by their own will.

Yiannis Laouris

President of Future Worlds Center and Board Member of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras. Medical doctor educated in East Germany and trained in neurophysiology and systems science in West Germany and USA. As social entrepreneur, he applies structured democratic dialogue to address global challenges and design complex socio-technical systems, harnessing the collective intelligence and wisdom of people. Honored with many prizes, including, First Award for Creativity of the Employers and Industrialists Federation (innovative educational theory), Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies Award (development and application of the science of dialogic design) and Euro-Mediterranean Award for Dialogue between civilizations of the Anna Lindh Foundation (Honorable Mention).

John M. Kalogerakis

Dr. Kalogerakis was born in Crete in 1957. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc. & Ph.D. from Strathclyde University, Scotland. Since 1982 has worked in a number of managerial positions for national & multinational companies in the UK, the M.East, Greece and Cyprus. As a frequent keynote speaker in various national and international conferences and as a visiting Professor to various British & Greek Universities, he has given numerous lectures and seminars internationally emphasising the anthropocentric approach to sustainable corporate development. The characteristic of all of his training seminars is the unique anthropocentric and ethical approach which has been developed over the last 30 years of entrepreneurial, managerial and coaching experience. Today, he is the CEO of JMK Ltd, with offices in Greece & Cyprus specializing in Anthropocentric Human Resource Development.

Eirini Xeirdari

Eirini Xeirdari has been a part of Greek journalism for over twenty years. She has worked as a sex editor (journalist for sex and relationship issues) in magazines Status, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and in publications of the international press. For many years she signed the popular sex column "Bedtime Stories'', at the newspaper Lifo. She is the creator of, the first integrated site about sex and relationships in Greece. As fast as TV goes, she is responsible for the column about relationships on show "Eleni" of Alpha. She is author of two books. Her second book is the first Greek sex manual for men, while her first one, that talks about sex trafficking in Greece, has been awarded the Special Prize of the European Year of Equal Opportunities.

Christos Nikolis

Christos is a part-time accountant, changing career. He has Bachelor in Business Administration (University of Piraeus). A school he didn’t like at first, but loved in the end, seeing it from a different perspective. Presently self-educating, and planning his strategy for the near future.Charmed by the “homo universalis” exemplar, he is viewing science, art & athletics as ways to keep inner balance, and to create peaceful and undeniable changes in the world.

Panayiotis Kazanis

Panayiotis Kazanis started his career in Information Technology 25 years ago, and has worked with companies such as L'Oreal and Microsoft . He focused on Business Intelligence, which became his springboard for launching BaaS, one of the fist Greek companies to utilize Social Media Intelligence for social communications strategy planning. With a team of highly experienced professionals, he has implemented successful campaigns for world famous brands in Latin America, North Africa and Greece. He defines himself as a DOer & Design Thinker, envisaging the transformation of companies into Social Businesses.

Dr. Marilena Fatsea

One of Greece’s leading Marketing and Corporate Communications Management experts, Dr. Marilena Fatsea is the founder and CEO of Fidel & Fortis Corporate Consultants. In the past she has held key positions at top-tier Greek business enterprises and local subsidiaries of international Groups, including BDF Hellas, Kraft Foods Hellas, ELGEKA, Vodafone Greece and COSMOTE Group. Moreover, she has served on the board of various institutions. She has been involved with the management of leading brands, has led critical high-profile projects (Athens 2004 Olympic Games sponsorship program - COSMOTE) and headed innovative Corporate Responsibility and Business Continuity initiatives in Greece and SE Europe.

Costas Voutsas

Costas Voutsas is actor of theater, film and television. He was born in Vyron of Attica in December of 1931. He lived his childhood and teenage years in Thessaloniki, where he also began his career. He studied at the Triantafillidi Drama School “Macedoniko Odeio“in Thessaloniki where he graduated in 1947. His first professional appearance on stage was in 1948 at the “Military Theatre of Thessaloniki“with "Anthos tou Gialou". In 1953 he made his first film appearance in the movie "O mpampas ekpaideuetai". Kostas Voutsas, is one of the major comedians in Greece. He is 83 years old, with 67 years career, stating... that he loves to become older!

Dey Dos

Dey Dos introduces himself as an "awesome human popcorn machine." He believes that our brains are full of kernels that start popping when we learn how to regulate the heat of conversations and relationships and the time we spend in them; he sees these kernels as unborn ideas that pop into incredible insights that allow us to make the world a better place. He's a full time freelancer, from artist and author to public speaking and Life Coaching. He hosts his own conferences and retreats but also works with other companies and organizations crafting learning spaces specially designed to bring the best out of people. Additionally he also coaches companies and start ups in matters of corporate identity, online presence and brand building. Dey was born in Venezuela but lives in front of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal and calls his house "The Soul Spa" -- is in this place where he welcomes people for extremely transformational experiences. Dey is a former global president of AIESEC, the world largest student run organization dedicated to international exchanges and leadership development. So far he has visited 79 countries in his quest of serving others, himself and the world to design beautiful ways to live life.

Vassilis Charmandaris

Vassilis Charmandaris completed his undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Thessaloniki in 1989. He continued his graduate studies in the US and obtained his PhD in Astrophysics at Iowa State University. He worked as a researcher at CEA/Saclay and Paris Observatory (France), as well as at the Astronomy Department of Cornell University. Since 2005 he is a professor at the Department of Physics of the University of Crete and in 2013 he became the Director of the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens. His research addresses problems related to galaxy evolution and energy production in the dust enshrouded galactic nuclei.

Dr. Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou

Dr Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou is a Postdoctoral Researcher at NOA/IAASARS. She received her M.Sc. degree in Atmospheric and Environmental Physics from the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki and her Ph.D in "Development and Recovery of Magnetic Storms in Geospace". Her research interests are focused on simulations of ion acceleration in the earth's magnetosphere during magnetic storms. She received her diploma in classical singing. She organizes public outreach activities referring to Astronomy (e.g. lectures, article publishing). Her original idea regards to the initiation of musical nights that combine astronomy with poetry and music.

Maria Giachnaki

Maria Giachnaki born in Heraklion , Crete in 1972 , is a journalist, researcher , documentary filmmaker and writer. She works in the media since 1992 having covered the biggest international news, events , wars and natural disasters . Some examples are: the war in former Yugoslavia , Iraq , Lebanon , Libya , the 2000 Intifada in Israel and Palestine , terrorist attacks in the Middle East, military incursions into Gaza , the deadly tsunami in Thailand , the crisis in Egypt , events in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea to Russia as well as the crisis in the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. She has created documentary series of social, religious and political content . In her everyday life she teaches research seminar and documentary journalism, manages the online newspaper and travels constantly to create documentaries on behalf of scepticproduction having been so far at dozens of missions to countries in the Middle East, the Balkans , Africa, Russia , Asia.

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