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This event occurred on
October 24, 2013
9:00am - 6:00pm CEST
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Wrocław, DS

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Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu
ul. Fabryczna 29-31
Wrocław, DS, 53-609
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University (What is this?)
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Marian Noga

Marian Noga: Culture as a determinant of economic growth The general opinion is considered that culture must have an impact on economic growth and development. Except that when we move to the analysis it turns out that, for example. Accordance with the system of economic accounting, the more work employed in cultural industries and creative industries, the greater the share of culture in GDP and eo ipso in economic growth. This is only partly true, because culture has a far greater impact on the economic development of the following reasons: (1) the purpose of management must always be derived from human culture gospodarującego; (2) the reasonableness of management can not be determined by the model of homo economicus, as a model of human fictional, theoretical, which must be in economic models actually working man. To create such a model we need to reduce the level of abstraction by introducing culture as a context management. Then the economy will be able to draw predictive conclusions of which has not always able to do; (3) the cultural context and behavioral economics can make learning predictive formulating conclusions. Without culture, economics can become just a reflection research; (4) culture is the carrier of the progress of civilization, which increases the well-being of individuals and society. The full impact of culture on the economy and social welfare can be measured by proposed by the Author taxonomic measure of economic well-being of cultural participation in the growth of prosperity (TMDEK). Marian Noga - Polish economist, professor and former rector of the University of Economics in Wroclaw, Sen. fourth and fifth term of office, from 2004 to 2010 a member of the Monetary Policy Council.

Teatr Praktyczny

Practical Theatre: Enter the stage, change the course of events Practical Theatre is a new concept of artistic and educational acting to improve the quality of life and relationships in companies, corporations, organizations and personal life. The unconventional, experimental way we raise competence in communication, conflict resolution and the balance between work and personal life. The interactive performance of "Company" is the basis of the Practical Theatre. The play is made up of two parts. First, we play a series of scenes showing unresolved internal conflicts and external relations as manager Margaret Advertising Agency - what the viewer sees the whole complex processes leading to a crisis situation. In the second part, the audience, have the opportunity to intervene in the viewed scene and propose a strategy going into the role of Margaret - showing how it might behave differently in different situations. Brzozowicz Eve - I'm in various professional roles: Mediatrix, facylitatorki, academic teachers, trainers and superwizorki drama skills trainers so. soft, author and realizatorki drama projects (adult and youth) dot. conflict, violence, including the phenomenon of scapegoating, team building, and exploring the potential and pursue their own path in life and career. I belong to various non-governmental organizations, among others, I am a member of the Board of the Institute of Conflict Resolution. Michalina Frączek - My roles are: soft skills trainer, coach, manager of educational projects, the foundation president of Practical Theatre, webmasterka, editor of, actress and much more. As a coach I focus on increasing the potential and personal effectiveness, interpersonal communication, as well as create harmony between work and personal life. My passion is real and deep relationships and inspire them to make changes for the better in work and in life. To this end, I put a portal

Magda Bębenek

Finance your dreams by fulfilling the dreams of others In May this year. in debt to the tens of thousand to finance the dream of participating in a series of seminars samorozwojowych. Despite the lack of profession and employment, have pledged to give the borrowed amount before 8 December. For a week I did an intense brainstorming until the head fell into my password "Polka can!" And I knew immediately that the means to achieve the goal will be to write and self-edition inspirational book for women, which will pick up thousands of compatriots to the pursuit of their own dreams. 2.5 months from the time when I started to write a book, I had it in my hands. Let me tell you what I learned in this process as "Polka" life changing book readers and why most inspired me alone. Twenty-six traveler, dancer and aspiring blogger to ensure that inspire others. He believes that life is a continuous series of adventures and so it should be treated that as many to see, learn and experience. A graduate of Japanese at the University of Warsaw, lived and worked in Poland, Belgium and India. She has traveled to over 30 countries around the world, leading platform BeeTheAdventure - Stay adventure. He is the author of the inspirational book for women Fri "Can Polka. Become a hero of his own life ", as well as a guide to cheap traveling Fri "Conquer the world on a budget!" (Premiered in 2014).

Wojciech Gajewski

How to achieve the fulfillment of both parties? Photography for me is a challenge for all. Both in terms of the use of my skills, environments, and situations in which I will have to work with. But no less challenges faced in everyday life people I photographed, and also I would like to tell in his speech. Challenges photographer vs. challenges photographed, or how to do to the photographer achieved the best material that both its final form and process of formation of give in the best way to challenge people photographed with the least interference in their lives. Wojciech Gajewski - finished and studies political science at the Internet marketing manager and currently a graduate student of journalism and communication at the University of Wroclaw. For more than seven years passionate photographer, who eventually became his profession, as well as the way of exploring the world, meeting new people and himself. Currently, he works as a project manager managing client projects in Lemon Sky - one of the largest digital agencies in Poland. Privately passionate about photography, social media and travel, thanks to which continually poses new challenges.

Katarzyna Wojnarowska

Eating your brain is not a good idea! What can we learn spying underwater world? The relativity of color and change the perception depending on the conditions: enthusiasm, passion, nature, adventure! Event manager and diving instructor at Fiona Enterprises (social events). She graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and 2 directions on ALK. For 15 years working with corporations in Poland and abroad. He spends his free time with a camera, usually under water. Motto in life: Happiness goes for strong battalions.

Iwona D. Bartczak

Economies of scale versus local economy We are looking for a new model for this economy - business - activities that will replace, or at least be a good alternative to the current world model of a successful business. This old model is a large-scale economy, the global flow of money and other resources, minimize costs, the centralization of important decisions (power?). Do you closer economic model based on small-scale manufacturing, but the general public, on local resources (raw materials, traditions of cooperation, the capital), for shortening the chains of intermediaries, on the other measures of cost, growth and well-being, taking into account social, health, environmental natural? Yvonne D. Bartczak - journalist, columnist, author of business clubs, community animator discussing important contemporary issues of economic, social, existential. In college journalist and editor, among others, And the program of the Polish Radio, the monthly bond, General Weekly, Life of Warsaw. In 1995-2005, she worked in publishing, first post IDG Computerworld magazine editor, then editor of the magazine: CXO Magazine for Management, CFO magazine CIO Magazine financiers and IT Directors. Currently managing partner in publishing Business Dialogue. The creator and manager of the Club Financial Directors "Dialog", CIO Business Meeting Point, Salon Business Dialogue CEO Club "Director on its own".

Sylwia Wojda

The Impossible Project Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid and the inventor of the world’s first instant camera and film, once said, “Don’t undertake a project unless it’s manifestly important and nearly impossible.” The founders of The Impossible Project took him at his word when, in 2008, they purchased the last factory in the world manufacturing Polaroid instant film. Their aim was simple: to save 200 million Polaroid instant cameras from becoming utterly useless. Two years later, the fledgling start-up began producing its own re-formulated versions of classic Polaroid instant film formats, including SX-70, 600, and Image-Spectra, as well as 8x10, at plants in Enschede, in The Netherlands, and Monheim, Germany. Today, Impossible is no longer a ‘project’ but a fast-growing company with around 130 employees in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, France, the USA, Japan and China. Its core products are analog instant film, refurbished Polaroid cameras, and its own-designed range of analog instant cameras. But Impossible’s ambitions are bigger: from its new creative headquarters in Berlin, Germany, Impossible is intent on creating the future of analog instant photography.

Maciej Ziółkowski Lech Wilczyński

Bitcoin - Digital Currency of the Future Bitcoin is a digital, decentralized currency that has a chance to change the world. For the first time in human history, we can send almost any amount of money in all of our place on the planet. The only thing you need is a computer or phone with internet access. The lecture will attempt to answer the question of whether digital payment systems will serve to increase the prosperity and development of our civilization. Maciej Ziolkowski - author of the blog on finance, with particular emphasis on Bitcoin and fast online payment. Graduate Finance and Accounting at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The organizer of the first conference in Poland on Social Lending in 2011 and 2012, and in 2013 Bitcoin runs his own research on the development of digital currencies and payment systems. Co-monthly meetings devoted to this subject. Lech Wilczynski - co-founder of the first Polish Bitcoin payment terminal for commercial establishments. Owner, developer of software, responsible, inter alia, Music for the service Point, an innovative platform that offers audio marketing in retail chains throughout the country. For several years developing software focused Polish B2B e-commerce platform for the American manufacturer of clothing. Prior to founding his own company he co-founded, among others, EIS for PZU solution and content management system used eg by Heyah. A graduate of the Warsaw PJIIT with honors majoring in software engineering.

Jacek Sypniewski

Gift for the physician as a communication system What they say about us, our behavior? Almost everything. The public health service - its shape, problems and pathologies reflects the image of our way of thinking and understanding of the world. The presentation will demonstrate how was the process of the formation of the modern version of the medicine and why in our culture have lead to the production of specific responses - gifts for doctors, envelopes, etc.. Introduce the elements of our culture have played the most important role in this process and why it is impossible to exclude certain behaviors of patients and their families, regardless of regulation. Jacek Sypniewski | - manager, business coach, traveler, writer and publisher. A graduate of the Jagiellonian University, Amsterdam School for Social Science Research and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since 2002, provides training and business consultancy especially for the study of organizational culture and management. He has extensive knowledge of sociological, psychological and business. By analysis of corruption in the health service "Gift for a doctor available since 2013 as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle Store. He also writes screenplays theater and travel books. Currently runs a publishing and training company dedicated to, and is working with training and consulting.

Paweł Klikowicz

Transplantology - why shoemaker's children are wearing no shoes As an innovative way to promote donations to reach the public? What are the biggest obstacles to the promotion of transplantation? Does the entity may change the face of Polish transplant? Answers to these questions and other questions will definitely surprise you! Paul Klikowicz, Coordinator, Social campaign - adept public health (PhD student at Medical University of Gdansk) with a large deck altruism. 100% social worker who gives his all. He enjoys good music, movies and traveling. Big fan of Dr. House, a lover of beauty in any form. Committed to the principle: think positive - act creatively!

Orest Tabaka

Have less, get more How to squeeze more out of life? With less! In a world of prosperity, luxury and the pursuit of better bet for more than PROPERTY BEING. The fact is minimalism, which encourages rational approach to things and simplifying life so fully to use it. Orest Snuff - coach, personal brander, animator of artistic, as well as the most recognizable minimalist media in Poland. Orest placed on enjoying life and not having things and the pursuit of broad success. This makes it very portable, travels frequently, is involved in many initiatives and artistic development, while being very sympathetic man, and an optimist.

Mirosław Kłoczko

Be a 'yes' person or strengthen your spirit I would like to share with the audience his experience and personal with something which according to me is the most important: the strength of our spirit, which is linked to a belief in something that is important to us and we want to keep it. Introduce four key elements of strengthening our spirit: knowing oneself, faith, perseverance and acceptance. I will use this holistic concept of human development based on the Hindu proverb which assumes that man is like a house with four rooms. It is peace of body, peace of mind, peace of excitement and peace of mind. A wise man daily visit each room and at least it ventilates. Let me give you a real examples and stories that reflect the above concept. I will say also about when our spirit to grow, which strengthens our spirit and when we lose it, and how it affects us as well as others. Miroslaw Kłoczko - 19 years of marriage, two children 17 and 12 years, 17 years of experience coaching and mentoring for businesses and individuals. Holistic (global method) of teaching and development of the individual. He is the creator of prestigious seminars "Authorities" since 1999. Inviting the biggest names in the management of the Polish order to conduct lectures and seminars for business. Co-owner trade with the position of Chairman of the Board. Without experience in this field have created a successful trading company from scratch and I am the sole distributor in Poland Swiss dermo-cosmetics.

Wojciech Paździor

Find your way The last three decades have changed the world, and especially the last two Poland suffered tremendous cultural and economic changes. These changes can not keep up our education, upbringing and way of approach to professional development. Sedlak & Sedlak shows in the National Survey of the Work Satisfaction that every second Pole does not feel satisfied with their work. Do you really could not be better? Our development, promotion and life balance needs to be managed, adapted, modified. There are proven ways to combine work values​​, talent and passion. I will share with you the findings of more than 12 years of my experience and observation of hundreds of other people. I will share how to find your way. Wojciech Paździor - believes that life can reap the full. He believes that everyone has to find their own way to happiness. Passionate about personal development, the Japanese martial art of Aikido and more travel mountain. He found his dream job and already 12 years consciously manage your career. Inspires and supports people who want to find your way to your work and life. For his work brings passion, determination, strategic thinking, and humor. Seeking purpose and optimization in everything he does. Conducts coaching, workshops, guest writes for Forbes and Virtual Polish. He worked with senior m. Others .: Allegro, Eurobank, Fiat, HP, Google, Our Class, Oracle, Siemens, BCG, Volkswagen, Whirlpool.

Aureliusz Kosendiak

Challenges and dreams Let us consider what is the challenge? Is it synonymous with a dream, if you can identify these concepts? Everyone has a dream, many will also take and challenges. The challenge is the ability to set themselves ambitious targets and consistently, often paid for by sacrifices, the pursuit of them. The very making the effort to achieve these objectives, it is victory. However, to dream, you do not need to take any particular activity. Clearly, however, this dream makes you decide to take the challenge, are our driving force, allow overcoming crises and moments of doubt. On the example of his own and other people want to show that a properly motivated man can make things that seemed to be beyond the reach of - yes, in its view, as well as the environment, or more broadly - the public. That's the challenge, but rather hard work on themselves, which are associated with them, make us better people, and what's more, his attitude and motivate others. After all, no one can forbid us to dream, and to make these dreams a reality is enough to take up the challenge. Aurelius Kosendiak, Ph.D. Physical Education Sciences, Assistant Professor, Medical University of Wroclaw, Employee of the Faculty of Health Sciences, passionate challenges in the area of ​​physical activity, motivator of others.

Rafał Mirkowski

The power of thinking on paper, or how to achieve your dreams Three reasons why writing is important handwritten. You write your book or you're in someone else's character. Yellow sticky note in your life. Columbus also pukano forehead. Basis realize the dream is its own system. Everyone knows WHAT needs to be done but few know HOW. Build your system. Rule No. 1 effective action: DO NOT DO! Start thinking on paper today. From the very thinking nothing will not work. You must act. Rafal Mirkowski - creator 2BOOKa, the new format of books and Multiplanera, called the "calendar fourth generation." These patented solutions help increase personal effectiveness. Manager and business process analyst, specialist project management and analytical solutions architect. He studied Mathematics at the University of Wrocław and an MBA from Thames Valley University of London. Runs the company Matrixsystem forming computer programs that solve problems of production and sales with a focus on motivating and rewarding employees. He has worked for Neonet, Ceramics Paradyż, Strabag. By customers is called Mr Excel or Matrix. He is the author Multiplanowania, methods of effective action, which is used for several years.

Oskar Zięta

Controlled loss of control Precision is mastering errors to perfection, to the state when the knowledge turns into intuition and allows you to "control lost control". Oskar Zięta (Dr. sc. ETH. Dipl.-Ing. Architect SIA) - architect, designer of the process, a researcher and lecturer. Leading design studio Zieta Prozessdesign in Wroclaw and Zurich, developing original technology FiDU steel processing and 3 +. Winner of many international competitions, among others, competitions, the Red Dot Award 2008, Materialica 2009 Audi Mentor Prize 2011 teaches at the School of Form in Poznan and at ETH in Zurich.

Wojciech Wodo

Innovative innovation - creating and stimulating Often it turns out that we still live in our work and organizations in the era of the Middle Ages and in the grip of mental culture, which blocks and negates any manifestation of initiative and current changes. I would like to instill some ideas that I was able to pry observing the mechanisms governing in Silicon Valley, show that opening up to multiculturalism, interdisciplinarity, as well as preventing the awareness of the possibility of failure can significantly improve the efficiency and creativity of our work. In such an environment, innovation is born, which is the driving force behind the development of enterprises. Her Ph.D at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Wrocław University of Technology, where he explores methods of identification and authentication based on biometric indicators, analyzing cryptographic protocols, and computer security. In 2012, he participated in the scientific apprenticeship MNiSW "Top 500 Innovators", in which the University of California at Berkeley knew the secrets of commercialization of research results, management of start-ups and cooperation between science and business. Since 2011, serves as vice president of its board of trustees responsible for overseeing the development of academic entrepreneurship and Pre-incubator incubator of entrepreneurship. Consults for startups and involved in obtaining funding for innovative projects. Casual member of the Board of Doctoral University of Technology and is actively working in the Agreement Doctoral Technical Universities in the country. Since 2006, much of the discussion related to Film Club "University", now as his guardian. The initiator of numerous cultural events at the Technical University of Wroclaw, passionate film; is particularly close to his cinema of David Lynch. For years, in love with a German film expressionism.

Wojciech Bąkowski

The key to effective creativity I love to work with very creative people. It's great fun, a boost of energy, passion, excitement, brilliant glare, big plans and a pleasant feeling that we discovered this unique idea, and for a moment even better! After some time, however, brought clouds of positive emotions fall, revealing the will of uncertainty that awesome ideas are not fully hit, and creators themselves do not have so much enthusiasm and desire for challenging the consequences of implementation. It turns out that happiness is enough for them excitement associated with the creation, the rest is a waste of time. Why is this happening? The fact is that such creativity is the only ill-waste precious energy. So if not the same ideas about, then what is? Where is the secret to effective use of creativity? Thomas Bąkowski - trainer and consultant, runs a company Brainworx, which implements the idea of ​​effective use of creativity in business. Expertise: training sessions and creative problem solving, innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in the operation, project management, teamworking. Graduate .: Stanford Online Crash Course on Creativity, Management at the University of Economics, Postgraduate Studies in Business Trainer School of Banking, the Workshop of Inwentyki, and the European Academy of Leadership JCI international organization. Brave passionate personal development and the search for new solutions. Positive attitude to life lover of public speaking, volleyball and cabaret scene. As a trainer and consultant guided by the motto of the quote Albert Einstein: "Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination - everywhere." Through innovative services, Brainworx has pioneered the practical use of creativity for business within three years of operation, among others, helped customers in the logistics industry, advertising, expert natural, hospitality, banking and financial sector and universities in Wrocław.

Artur Makieła

Small Talk with the subconscious Recently a lot has been said and written about the subconscious. About how this plays an important role in the life of the mind of every human being, and how important it is to use it. Consider, however, if you really know what role it plays in your life subconscious? What is it? Do you know when and how you use it? And finally ... did you know that you can talk to her in a very precise way. That's what I'll tell you when TEDxWSB. You have a amazing gift that does everything to support you and take care of your safety. This gift is your unconscious mind ... a space where are your emotions, dreams and experiences. Only the unconscious mind does not have the tools to give you his wisdom directly, for example in the form of a clear, unambiguous thoughts. He has other ways to communicate with you ... Arthur Makieła - personal development coach, hypnotist and hypnotherapist, expert public speaking. She conducts training in personal development, NLP, hypnosis. It helps people to raise living standards, improve the quality of interpersonal relationships, effectively plan and achieve goals and to work with the subconscious. For many years a journalist and announcer. Hypnotic showman who is also involved in demonstrations of stage hypnosis.

Łukasz Musiał

Contemporary emigration of the population - opportunity or threat? For example, your stay at work and studying abroad Luke will show how this can affect the psyche of a young man and present from a psychological point of view, the positive and negative aspects of social and economic human migration in the modern world. Luke will talk also about self-development and experience that you gain when you travel abroad and the risk and fear accompanying them. Lukasz Musial (born. 1990) is a fifth-year student of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Opole. Currently studying at foreign exchange Erasmus in Mainz, Germany. In addition to building interest in science, especially mathematics (which is his passion since childhood), and the subject of self-development in the wider area. He has experience in multilevel marketing, likes to travel, both closer and further. Luke is an interesting person in the world, with zeal and self-denial realizing their goals and fulfilling dreams.

Łukasz Panfil

The University as a teaching institution should learn itself... and be virtual Many young people graduate, goes to the first interview for a job and terror states that everywhere experience is required, often at least one year. The question "How could I get them when I was studying" is very common. Most he finally gets a job, but not all the work is associated with education. Even if it is, is that training programs are often not completely adapted to the requirements of the labor market means that the young worker needs to learn everything from scratch. So what we have an option? Studies and then a job or work, and then college? And can work without studying? There are undoubtedly problems, which should answer most of all universities. But college in the traditional form, understood as building the formal organizational structures is able to meet them, seeing the world, and thus the labor market is growing so rapidly? In my opinion the future, and in many cases, especially in the west, and a requirement of the present times, universities are understood as virtual learning organizations. I would like to tell about it. Luke Panfil - I'm Manager for. Education and a lecturer at the School of Management and Coaching. For 8 years I have been the manager of courses Football Manager and Project Coordinator Gifted Sports Dolnoślazak, aiming to support the development of young sports talents, also on the ground to prepare them to cope in the labor market. I am also a PhD student at the Jagiellonian University, and my research area is the management of talent in sport. A year ago I was invited as a representative of one of two universities in Poland, at the meeting of the Expert Group of the European Commission. Education and Training on. Career double-track in the sport, during which representatives from 27 countries discussed the trends and practical solutions within Europe.

Jerzy Zientkowski

Four things you do not teach us in school Acting contrary to its principles and logic of the case, including the one topic I give to incur negative emotions - education. Why looking back, I come to the conclusion that I am tryglodytą? Why do not we as a civilization? What or who is blocking access to the most important skills that we acquire only after years of experience and failures? I do not know, but I know what skills I taught their children in the first place, to give them the best start to a successful life. What's more, their simplicity and narzędziowość make you use them already in stock. Operate effectively, and certainly makes my emotions turn into a positive ... Jerzy Zientkowski - inpiracyjny speaker, coach, mentor and coach. With nearly 20 years of experience, is one of the few speakers-specialists, who can also be effective - and comprehensible. Focus on the effectiveness, clarity and uniqueness of communication tends to come into contact with the audience as one of the most important tools of public speakers. Conducts several training sessions, lectures and presentations each year, in addition to selected customers coachując senior management or assisting in the preparation of the presentation in case of 'dicey'. With over 17 years of experience in IT, at the crossroads of business, sales and customer service has developed a unique set of communication tools, allowing you to work with different industries, different needs of customers in multinational environments. Practicing what he preaches, in 2012/2013 spoke to over 2,000 people. He is a member of the Association of Professional Speakers in Poland since 2011. Vice-President of the Association, responsible for membership, strategy and partner activities, organization of conferences and training events. Conference organizer Festival of Inspiration in 2012 in Warsaw and Spectacular Speaking in Poznan.

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