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Theme: Power In Me

This event occurred on
October 26, 2013
9:30am - 4:30pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Vancouver, BC

This is our fourth event since the beginning in 2011. In 2013 we're continuing with our tradition to empower youth to join our team and create the event together with the adult mentors on the team. We're also excited to create a special experience day for the audience in the venue and to share our talks with the online viewers.

Science World
1455 Quebec Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 3Z7
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Youth (What is this?)
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Abhayjeet Sachal

Of every imaginative child in the world, Abhayjeet Singh Sachal definitely shouts creativity. His uniqueness is reflected every day as he strives to be different. This 11 year old boy who lives in Surrey, BC keeps his head high all the time and believes his positive attitude will help fulfill his dream of being an astronaut, an NHL hockey player, a professional pianist, and a leader in the world.

Erina Park

Often called on to taste-test homemade food products, Erina spends her life casually munching on snacks night and day. However, after catching a napkin on fire a couple years back, she has sworn an oath to never involve herself in cooking. But although she doesn’t cook Erina has dedicated countless hours working with people of all ages to make the community a more welcoming place.

Kimberly Rutledge

Kimberly is an outgoing 17-year old who is determined to make the world a better place. A grade 12 student at Correlieu Secondary School in Quesnel, Kimberly strives to inspire others with her positive attitude and contagious smile. She volunteers in several groups including the Breakfast Club of Canada program. The Breakfast program was a natural fit for Kimberly as they share the vision that all students deserve to start their day in a positive way with acceptance and full tummies!

Qayam Devji

Qayam Devji is excited to be entering Grade 8 in September in West Vancouver. A reader, writer, actor and community volunteer, Qayam curated his first TEDxKids event after being inspired by attending TEDxKids@BC in October 2012. He presented his first TEDTalk on how teachers can help students achieve great ideas at TEDxWestVancouver ED in May 2013. In his free time Qayam enjoys hip hop dance and volunteers with the West Vancouver Rec Commission and the Ismaili Council for BC. Connect with Qayam @qayamd

Quinn Beasley

Quinn Beasley is a Canadian circus artist who has been training professionally since he was 10 years old. He has headlined gala shows, done two humanitarian tours of Haiti and Thailand/Burma, and commands a main circle show for the Victoria International Busking Festival. Connect with Quinn @QuinnCircusInc

Stephanie Wiriahardja

In her current role as Community Manager, Higher Education at HootSuite, Stephanie works with students and professors around the world to inspire them to develop their own voice, experiment with social media, build online presence, as well empower them to be thought leaders in their school community. In 2012, Stephanie received the most votes for the Must Follow (on Twitter) and noted as the Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn profile, in addition to reaching over 8720 returned results for her name on Google. Connect with Stephanie @stephawie

Sukhmeet Sachal

When you hear the word volunteer and starting up many initiatives, Sukhmeet Singh Sachal comes up in mind. He is a 19 year old studying at McGill University in the Faculty of Science on a mission to bring about change, whether that is through building a well in Kenya or becoming a mentor for students wanting to improve their public speaking skills. Since the age of 5, he has been helping people around the world. In India, he volunteered at the Pingalwara Society, a destitute for the deaf and disabled. In Ghana, he was an assistant nurse working in the hospital, as well as at an orphanage. In Canada, he started Students Without Borders and Road2Wellness, two organizations aiming to bring people from different walks of life towards a common goal. Through all of his involvements, he has experienced diversity at first hand with people of different religions, age differences and genders. All of his work has also landed him spotlight on CTV, magazines, newspapers, not to mention being awarded by the Canadian House of Commons for showcasing compassion and empathy, as well as the Giving Hearts Award for the Province of British Columbia and being honoured as Top 25 Under 25. He believes that with a recipe for intercultural dialogue, education & exposure, racism and intolerance will abolish and diversity will prevail. Connect with Sukhmeet @sachal_2008

Jordan Bober

Jordan Bober, 30, is a Vancouver-based social entrepreneur who first became fascinated by community currencies and other innovative approaches to economics while studying at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. A few years later, Jordan met modern community currency pioneer Michael Linton, igniting the desire to start a currency for his own community. The idea for a currency devoted primarily to strengthening the local food economy first occurred to Jordan in 2011. This idea blossomed into what is now Seedstock Community Currency, a Vancouver-based local currency that began circulating in January 2013. Connect with Jordan @SeedstockBC

Jacqueline Shen

Jacqueline believes that all problems have solutions, and that it is just a matter of searching for them. A grade 12 student at Burnaby South Secondary, Jacqueline is the chair of the Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network and works with youth from all over the Metro Vancouver region to provoke thought and action. …

Richard Loat

An MBA graduate, Loat’s passion and drive continues to extend beyond the books as he works to drive social change. Volunteering with ShelterBox, a disaster relief program as a trained humanitarian aid worker, and an active member of the Youth Entrepreneur Community in Vancouver, Loat’s focus lies within the future of tomorrow. A visionary leader and one of Canada’s youngest executives Richard Loat is a life long learner who has channeled his passion and drive for helping others as he founded Five Hole for Food, a Canadian non-profit organization. One of the fastest-growing non-profit organizations in the game, Five Hole for Food travels across the country every summer with taped sticks, hockey nets and a goal of generating food donations through the game of hockey. In just three years, their rapid growth has resulted in over half a million pounds (500,000 LBS) of donated food for food banks across Canada all by harnessing the power and potential of social media. Connect with Richard @richardloat

Coastal Sound Children’s Choir

Coastal Sound Children’s Choir aims to inspire each young singer to be their best – as musicians and as contributing engaged citizens – through choral singing. Children’s Choir consists of caring young musicians from diverse cultural heritages, ages 9-15 years old. Storytelling, joy of singing, connection and flexibility of performance are the core value of this group. The choir also loves to work with guest conductors and share with other choirs. Since 1989, when the group was founded, Children’s Choir has performed at important cultural events in Greater Vancouver and Whistler, has toured extensively throughout the world and cohosted the Coastal Sound International Choral Festival. Visit their website at

Heart Mind Body

(HMB) is an arts collective founded in 2012. A group of young adults based out of Boogaloo Academy and Astar Society, HMB is committed to cultivating a safe space for artistic expression in their lives and the lives of others. In creating choreographed/free-styled pieces they dedicate themselves to reaching out to lost youth and painting them a voice through movement. By learning and exploring themselves through several art forms, this group of artists have developed a beautiful relationship with each other, hoping to continue to bring an even deeper connection to the world through heart, mind, and body.

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