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This event occurred on
June 14, 2014
12:00am - 8:00pm WAT
(UTC +1hr)
Luanda, LUA

The Power of Ideas

Universidade Lusíada de Angola
Luanda, LUA
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Alexandra Simeão

Educator, Activist and Mother Alexandra de Victória Pereira Simeão Educator, Activist and Mother. Born September 12, 1966 in Luanda, Angola. This energetic woman has a Degree in Art Studies (Literature and Art), with a Minor in General History. Her debut as a writer was in 2013 with the romance KALUCINGA – (Produced by Chá de Caxinde), a “tribute to the street kids”. She served as Deputy Minister of Education for Social Action from 1997 to 2008. Her activism leads her to solidarity projects like: Education Campaign on Sickle Cell Anemia and also to support the Shelter of Mother Madalena in Cazenga. She is in love with Angola, which is a great country, but especially by the angolan people who are her daily concern.

Ângela Mingas

Educator / Architect / Anthropologist Graduated in pedagogical studies, architecture and anthropology from distinct institutions, namely: The Medium Institute of Education and Pedagogy – Angola, Higher School of fine Art– Lisbon, Technical University of Lisbon, Royal Academy of London and Lusíada University – Porto. Founder and coordinator of the Architecture School, and the Center for Architectural Studies and Scientific Research at Angola’s Lusíada University, since 2003. Curator at the Architecture Forum in Angola, since 2006. Architectural Heritage Specialist and consultant. Occasional writer of poetry tales.

Benja Satula

Lawyer Benja Satula as a degree in Law from the Catholic University of Angola, a graduate degree in Criminal Law Company and Securities Law from the Catholic University of Portugal and University of Lisbon de Lisboa, MSc in Legal and Criminal Sciences from the Catholic University, Assistant Criminal Law and Private International Law at the Catholic University of Angola, legal advisor and lawyer. To complement these activities he has investments and interventions studies, conferences, seminars and Post graduation in financial crime, money laundering and fundamental rights. He is the National Secretary for Youth Program of the Association of Scouts of Angola and co – founder of Platform “Natal de Rua” and author of the book “Branqueamento de Capitais”.

Binelde Hyrcan

Visual Artist Born in Luanda in 1982, graduated in Fine Arts in Monaco, lives in France and works between Nice and Paris. He graduated in Artistic Expressions and Fine Art (with distinction) in Paris and Monaco. He has been developing several artistic projects and exhibitions in various cities around the world.

Carla Nunes da Costa

Athlete / Lawyer Carla Nunes da Costa was born in 1976 in Luanda, Angola. Her life was spent in Angola, the Netherlands, and South Africa. As a result she likes to call herself a hybrid. She holds an LLB in International Criminal Law (cum laude) from the University of Utrecht and did what she calls time at the International Tribunals and Courts in The Hague. For years she had the illusion that she’d change the world and its wars. Life changed and as of late, she has come to the realization that maybe the world she was trying to change was her own, full of its own inner conflict. Carla was a competitive sprint canoeist and raced all over the world for both the South African and Dutch National Teams. In 2013 she won the CrossFit Africa Regionals and earned herself a sport at the CrossFit Games in California, USA. While working inside the office she felt that her spirit would surely die and subsequently spent more and more time on the other side of her: sports. Carla now resides in Luanda, Angola with Bert and Britney her two English Bulldogs and is busy looking for ways to create her own gym, a place not just for the exercising on the body but that of the spirit.

Elisângela Rita

Written word Lover. The ease of communication that rose very early in her life, made her serious and self contained personality explode through the verses, poetry, songs, texts and scribbling in general. The time spent in South Africa, helped define her love for writing. Having been exposed to such an ethnically and culturally diverse setting, added to the very rich learning she benefited from in high school, all orientated her through the literary world. She was co-editor of the student news paper and collaborated with the annual school magazine. It was during the Poetry circles at the University of Pretoria that she discovered her poetic wing. Since her return to Luanda, her path has miraculously been crossing that of people, who are turning out to be inspirational guides through the poetry world and its stages. It was in the angolan edition of The Spoken Word Project entitled ‘kussuguila’, where she received the second place prize, that she discovered the complex, yet beautiful world of spoken word. She’s the co-head of the Artes ao Vivo Association, which is responsible for hosting weekly open-mic poetry, spoken word and live music events.

Helga da Silveira

Consultant Angolan, taurine, sensitivity to social issues and a sports enthusiast. Graduated in Economic Law from the Jean Piaget University of Angola, researcher, national and international lecturer and member of the first social network about responsibility in Angola, businesswoman, consultant in academic and market issues. Researcher in the Development Workshop, having worked in various socials researches since 2008 to 2014, as a lecturer is responsible for holding weekly Debates in Development Workshop.

Jack Nkanga

Musician/Producer Nkanga Jack Fernando, better known by his stage name ‘Jack Nkaga’ started to demonstrate his passion for music when we as 4 years old, singing melodies and reproducing an original and unique style. He is a singer, songwriter, record producer and creator of ‘Konono Soul’, he wants to be launched in the music industry this year with the CD “Oops!” produced by him, overflowing versatility, various musical genres such as Soul, Funk, Rock ‘n Roll and Blues. He consideres himselfe a Self-taught who passed some time by the Academy of Music in Luanda (INFA). During the summer of 2013 had a tour through Portugal, Israel, Germany and France. His work in Israel conquered the public and he plans collaborations with the artist Esther Raada in Angola and in Israel.

Josiah Kavuma

Innovative Creator Born in 1990, it was in 2006, in his O’Level he realized that technology had the power to change the world into a better place. Realizing also that Africa is one of the many parts of the world who can benefit from it, because of the fact that most African countries are now developing , if well embraced and utilized, technology has got the power to bring better education, health, transport, leadership among others to Africa. He recently graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Information Technology and currently is a developer and Managing Director for thinkIT Limited, a start up under which Matibabu is registered, and an AppStar / Champ for the Microsoft 4Africa Initiative. Matibabu, is a non-invasive smart phone based application that diagnoses malaria in humans.

Luiz Roberto Lima

Photojournalist/Humanist This dreamy look belongs to Luiz Roberto Lima. Eyes that witnessed the worst of the social ills, eyes that today, register through a photographic lens the reality, towards the construction of a better world. “Prejudice marked the history of Luiz, a son of Brazil” Luiz who has passed through hard times since childhood, was abandoned by his mother in the maternity, left to his own luck, Luiz grew up in an orphanage, lived on the street, surviving because of the solidarity of people who offered him refuge, food an help. It was as a journalism student that Luiz trasnsformed his aesthetic and critical look in to a worldview. “I believe that the revolution is done everyday. The construction of a better world, a fairer and egalitarian Brazil happens in the everyday life and journalism plays a fundamental role in the the consolidation of democracy”.

Mário Forjaz Secca

Teacher/Investigator Born in Mozambique, where he lived until the seventeen years old, Mário Forjaz Secca lived eleven years in Britain. At the end of the period in England he quit his job, sold his apartment and spent eight months traveling around the world, then he went to Portugal, to live there. His graduation as a scientist took place in the University of Sussex (England), working on pure Physics in the area of Low Temperatures. When he returned to Portugal, he decided to apply his knowledge in a pratical and useful area – Medicine. He is part of the direction of the International Federation of Biomedical Engineering, where he manages a work group for developing countries and integrates a group of training in Medical Imaging in a collaboration with Mozambique. His bigger interest is the application of Physics to Medicine and Art, working in Medical Imaging, with a special relevance on Magnetic Resonance Imaging. He also teaches Physics in Conservation and Restoration. The image in its scientific and artistic side become an integral part of his way to see the world. However, he thinks that before everything the human being, the scientists must be thinkers, because is in the power of ideas that we see the knowledge and prepare de future. That is why he decided to devote himself to think and live the ideas of this world, that so many times restrain our thoughts.

Miguel Januário

Comunicator/Street Artist Miguel Januário was born in Porto in 1981, he studied Graphic Arts at the Art School of Soares dos Reis, in the same city where he had the first contact with the graffiti and the urban culture. In 1999 he joined the Fine Arts College at the University of Porto, in the Communication Design course and from that year he began to develop interventions of graffiti in the urban space and, in parallel, commissioned works. He established himself as a freelancer in the areas of graffiti, design, illustration and video, integrating the cultural space “Bad Habits”, in Porto, where he created an atelier and developed much of his projects, in all aspects . In 2005 he created an artistic intervention project called “±MAISMENOS ±” (MORE LESS), which became a reference in the panorama of national street art.


Writer Passionate about the Arts, Ondjaki is the pseudonym of the Angolan writer Ndalu de Almeida who was born in July 5th, 1977 in Luanda. He graduated in Sociology in Lisbon, where he did amateur theater for two years. In 2000 published his first book “Actu Sanguíneu”, placing second in António Jacinto literary competition held in Angola. His books have been translated into many languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish … He also won numerous awards, most recently the Literary Prize José Saramago (2013) with the novel “The Transparents”. Besides been a writer, Onjdaki is also a filmmaker and has also dedicated himself to theater and the plastic arts.

Paulo Pascoal

Actor/Model Paulo Pascoal Nuno Azevedo was born in July 8th of 1982 in Lisbon. He lived most of his childhood in Angola and in 1994 moved to Spain. He was involved in various projects such as theater and dance and in 2000 moved to New York where he signed a contract as a model . Paulo also debuted as an actor in the Portuguese series “Strawberries with Sugar”. Critics praise him due to his talent and imagination. Paulo has other projects, he is also a shoe designer, writer, producer and humanitarian activist. Having recently worked with several foundations, NGOs and institutions from different African communities . He was hailed as an Angolan phenomenon by the media due to his hard work and success as an independent artist .

Pedro Gomes

Designer/Full Time Dreamer After working as an Industrial Designer in Germany and San Francisco (United States), Pedro returned to Portugal to create his own studio “Pedro Gomes Design”. In love with the idea of big challenges, his work takes a holistic approach to Design, Communication and Strategy in the development of products and brands that want to make a difference. Embracing disruptive projects, Pedro believes that design can transform ideas into impact realities, on people’s lives and, step by step, that Design can change the world. Design will create change!

Sheila Antunes

Interior Designer Sheila Karina de Carvalho Antunes, was born on June 18, 1985 in Luanda. Since very young she always demonstrated a great aptitude and interest for the art world. She lived her childhood and part of her adolescence in Angola, and in 2004 moved to Argentina where she lived for nine years. Graduated in Interior Design at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, where she increased her passion and dominion over the visual arts. Participated in several cultural projects during her time in the country, where she considers her second home. Passionate about fashion, design, music, photography, full time thinker, she believes that art is alive within all of us. Back to Angola, now works with art, architecture, interior design and graphic design.

Vladimir Russo

Environmentalist, Educator and Author Green in color , born in Luanda in 1974 , but spent his youth in Huambo . Founding member of the Angolan Ecological Youth , and was the president between 1997 and 2001 was the spark for the development of radio programs , newsletters and competitions for children and youth for a healthier Angola. Had an involvement in project implementation and production of technical materials for the management of biodiversity and the dissemination of knowledge of the Angolan biodiversity . He worked in the Ministry of Environment in environmental projects in SADC and Kenya . He is currently Technical Director of Holistic environmental consulting firm, and Executive Director of the Kissama Foundation. In his free times he dedicates himself to writing books, in 2013 he published his first literary work dedicated to youth entitled ” Estrofes da Bicharada” in addition to several publications produced by the Regional Environmental Education Center SADC .

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Luanda, Angola
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