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Casablanca, Morocco
September 25th, 2010

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Which refers to: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation

Confirmed Speakers

  • Youssef Gaboune
    "Ethical Leaders’ Choice" fonder. He is now now HR manager at the central Bank of Morocco
  • Mohammed El haddar
    Mohammed El Haddar is co-founder of Digimind. He is an internet and artificial intelligence expert as well as business strategy
  • Driss Kadiri
    Driss Kadiri is a glob trotter that was born with a handicap in his both legs. He performed a world tour on a bicycle during 10 years.
  • Driss Ksikess Jaouad Essounani
    Driss is Economia magazine director, a famous journalist in Morocco and a theatre actor. Jaouad is a theatre writer. they both invented a new form of making theatre.
  • Adil Ibn Al khattab
    Adil is CTO and co-founder of Ajiel company. A company for providing accounting services based on SAAS technology (on the cloud)
  • Ayoub Lahlou
    Ayoub is a doctor and a social activist in matters that concern rural world.
  • Hishem Khribchi
    Is co-founder of Talkmorocco and an expert in blogging influence on the e-reputation and e-existence. is an on-line platform to support freedom of speech.
  • Nezha Drissi
    Nezha Drissi is the women who created the first documentary movies festival in Morocco. She fights to promote culture generaly and documentary movies in particular. she is also a movie producer.
  • Ahmed Ghayet
    Ahmed was born in France and was one of "La marche des beurs" organizers to fight racism. He was a consular for Martine Aubry Cabinet (Socialist party leader in France) and also for Elisabeth Guigou while she was minister of justice. he is also the founder of "reseau maillage" and "Marocains pluriel" in Morocco.
  • Driss Alaoui Mdeghri
    Ex miniter and politician, university professor, president of the moroccan society for economic intelligence and a musician
  • Faysa Hafidi
    Is a leadership coach
  • Taieb Debbagh
    Secretary General at the minister of industry and commerce of the government of Morocco. Mr Debbagh is also an IT and Web2.0 specialist

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