Ryan Merkley

Райан Мерклей: Онлайн видео — түсінікті, икемді әрі құрастырмалы

4:25 •
Filmed Jan 2012 at TEDGlobal 2012
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Videos on the web should work like the web itself: Dynamic, full of links, maps and information that can be edited and updated live, says Mozilla Foundation COO Ryan Merkley. On the TED stage he demos Popcorn Maker, a new web-based tool for easy video remixing. (Watch a remixed TEDTalk using Popcorn Maker — and remix it yourself.)

Ryan Merkley
/ COO, Mozilla Foundation

Ryan Merkley is the Chief Operating Officer at the Mozilla Foundation, and is dedicated to making the web a more user-friendly place.  Full bio.

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