Rob Dunbar:
Rob Dunbar 談論藉由海洋與冰層來了解古代的氣候狀況

Mission Blue Voyage · 18:14 · Filmed Apr 2010

Rob Dunbar 藉由遠古的海床與珊瑚和冰層中找尋線索,來搜尋1萬2千年前至今的氣候資訊。他的工作對於設定底限以穩定目前的氣候以及追蹤致命的海洋酸化現象都是很重要的。

Oceanographer, biogeochemist
Rob Dunbar looks deeply at ancient corals and sediments to study how the climate and the oceans have shifted over the past 50 to 12,000 years — and how the Antarctic ecosystem is changing right now. Full bio