John Underkoffler

約翰•昂德科夫勒 — 指出使用者介面的未來

15:22 •
Filmed Jan 2010 at TED2010
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約翰•昂德科夫勒,科技發明家,同時也是 的科技指導,為大家展示了這套手勢操作系統 — 讓我們體驗 中令人瞠目結舌的生活情境還有網際網路電腦界面。這會是未來人類操控電腦的方式嗎?

John Underkoffler
/ Interface designer

Remember the data interface from Minority Report? Well, it's real, John Underkoffler invented it — as a point-and-touch interface called g-speak — and it's about to change the way we interact with data.  Full bio.

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