iO Tillett Wright


18:18 •
Filmed Jan 2012 at TEDxWomen 2012
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欧伊·蒂利特·莱特为2000个自认为有同性恋倾向的人拍摄了肖像并要求他们为自己同性恋(异性恋)的倾向程度按百分制打分。结果她发现,绝大多数人都认为自己不是百分百的同性恋或异性恋,而是介于两者之间。这给歧视同性恋歧视的人出了一个现实难题:到底要歧视谁?你又如何定义?(录制于 TEDxWomen)

iO Tillett Wright
/ Photographer

As a child actor, iO Tillett Wright turned his shoes around in the bathroom stall so that people would think he was a boy. As a teenager, he fell in love with both women and men. His life in the gray areas of gender and sexuality deeply inform his work as an artist.  Full bio.

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