David Byrne, Ethel + Thomas Dolby

David Byrne chante "(Rien que) des fleurs"

3:15 •
Filmed Jan 2010 at TED2010
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David Byrne interprète le succès des Talking Heads de 1988 "(Rien que) des fleurs." Il est accompagné par Thomas Dolby et le quatuor à cordes Ethel qui composent l'orchestre maison de TED2010.

Thomas Dolby
/ Electronic music pioneer

Thomas Dolby has spent his career at the intersection of music and technology. He was an early star on MTV, then moved to Silicon Valley, then went back on the road with his album, "A Map of the Floating City."  Full bio.

/ String quartet

Ethel is, perhaps, the first 21st-century realization of the classical string quartet.  Full bio.

David Byrne
/ Musician, artist, writer

David Byrne builds an idiosyncratic world of music, art, writing and film.  Full bio.

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