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Scilla Elworthy recommends

The peace activist compiled this useful list of resources just for TED. Find out why she thinks humiliation is the driver of most incidents of violence.

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    Making Terrorism History

    Scilla Elworthy and Gabrielle Rifkind
    Random House, 2007

    This short booklet explains why current ways of dealing with terrorism are ineffective.

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    From Dictatorship to Democracy

    Gene Sharp
    Serpent’s Tail, 2012

    This book is based on Sharp's study, conducted over a period of 40 years, on nonviolent methods of demonstration. Although never actively promoted, this astonishing book traveled as a photocopied pamphlet from Burma to Indonesia, Serbia and most recently Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and China.

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    Is It Time for a Worldwide Strategy for the Building of Peace?

    Scilla Elworthy
    Open Democracy, May 24, 2010

    On average, $1 spent on programs to prevent violent conflict achieves as much as $60 spent reacting to crises once violence erupts. So why is there no worldwide strategy for the building of peace? November 1918 marked the end of the 'war to end wars.' One hundred years later, we should now be calling for a new Versailles Convention.

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    Feast with Your Enemies: A Tribute to Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

    Scilla Elworthy
    Open Democracy, November 11, 2011

    What do I do differently as a result of knowing this great woman? I utterly believe in the power of one local person to transform a violent situation. I know that humiliation is the driver of most incidents of violence, and that respect is the best antidote to humiliation, and I try to apply that.

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    Peace Begins with Me

    Scilla Elworthy
    World Peace Partnership, 2011

    This pocket booklet deals with inner peace. There are various routes to find inner peace whilst remaining open to the outside world, including ways to increase awareness, ways to be clear about values, ways to own one’s shadow side and to feel protected while doing this.

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    Scilla Elworthy: Transformation through listening

    Interview by Iain McNay
    Conscious TV, 2013

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    Local First: Development for the Twenty-First Century

    Kate McGuinness, ed.
    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

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    Peace Can Be Planned. Just Like Health

    Scilla Elworthy
    Open Democracy, November 28, 2011