Shai Reshef

Education entrepreneur
By offering a tuition-free university education in business or computers, Shai Reshef hopes to transform disadvantaged communities — and disrupt higher education as we know it.

Why you should listen

Shai Reshef wants to democratize higher education. At University of the People, he runs a tuition-free online school that offers tuition-free college-level studies to students across the globe, offering bachelor's and associate's degrees in two specialized areas where the jobs are: computer science and business administration. The university, which is partnered with New York University and accredited by DETC, has admitted several thousand students from more than one hundred countries. 

In 2010, the Huffington Post named Reshef the "Ultimate Game Changer in education," and WIRED included him in its list of the 50 people who will change the world. In 2015 the Financial Times reported that the school is now developing two MBA programs.

Before founding University of the People, Reshef directed KIT learning, the first online university in Europe.

What others say

“His audacious goal is nothing less than to change how the world learns.” — Foreign Policy, November 26, 2012

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