The president and founder of NTiD inc., Natasha Tsakos brings a creative, innovative vision, and the art of orchestrating and synchronizing various disciplines, to the execution of high-leveled productions.

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Playwright and performer Natasha Tsakos works in a brave new form of theater, where sound, computer-generated images and the performer move in sync to create a dreamlike yet sharply real stage environment. Within this space of total possibility, Tsakos muses on the deepest questions of the human soul.

A Swiss-born artist living in Miami, Tsakos has been a performer with Circ X and the Big Apple Circus, and writes, teaches and performs her own work in Miami and worldwide. She's the author of several plays and one-acts, a few collections of poetry and the cartoon “The Eskimans,” about a penguin and an Eskimo.

In her other life, she is Kokoff the Clown, who wanders the streets of Miami in a red nose (and who made a run for president in 2000).

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“A bitterwseet, funny, tragic world with existentialist shades of Samuel Beckett and especially Marcel Marceau.” — Octavio Roca, Miami New Times

Natasha Tsakos’ TED talks

Natasha Tsakos on the TED Blog

The week in comments

August 29, 2009

Maybe it was because of our 500th TEDTalk, but this weeks comments seemed especially meaningful. From people being amazed at Eric Giler’s WiTricity to people rethinking their life strategy thanks to Dan Pink’s talk on motivation. Here’s just a sampling of the reaction: On Natasha Tsakos’ talk: A multimedia theatrical adventure: This lady is amazing […]

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A multimedia theatrical adventure: Natasha Tsakos on

August 28, 2009

Natasha Tsakos presents and performs her one-woman, multimedia show, “Upwake.” As the character Zero, she blends dream and reality with an inventive virtual world projected around her in 3D animation and electric sound. (Recorded at TED2009, in Long Beach, CA. Duration: 14:39) Watch Natasha Tsakos’ talk on, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate […]

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Quotes from Natasha Tsakos

As a street performer, I learned that everybody wants to connect. And that if you’re a bit extraordinary, if you’re not exactly of human appearance, then people will feel inclined to participate and to feel out loud.
Natasha Tsakos
TED2009 • 326K views Aug 2009
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