Isaac Mizrahi

Fashion designer
Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi mixes high fashion and the mass market, with a line of haute couture and a line for Target. Plus a talk show, a cabaret act, a movie, a new book ...

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Design-wise, Isaac Mizrahi is best known for bridging the gap between high and low -- creating gorgeous couture confections for the likes of Eartha Kitt and others, as well as a hugely popular, groundbreakingly affordable line for Target.

His design mission comes wrapped in endless charisma. He's a talk-show host, he's performed his own one-man show Off-Broadway, he was the subject of the hilarious documentary Unzipped, and he does regular cabaret nights at Joe's Pub in New York City. His new book is called How to Have Style .

What others say

“Q: Do you find that what you do on the side – namely, music – actually makes your [design] more vibrant? A: I think so. Some don’t agree with that thought, but I don’t care about those people. I only care about myself and what I really like doing and what amuses me.” —

Isaac Mizrahi’s TED talk

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Mark Bittman and Isaac Mizrahi on braised artichokes

January 12, 2009

This odd couple banters their way through a lesson on braising artichokes as part of Isaac Mizrahi’s (watch his 2008 TEDTalk) series of webisodes. The dish itself? Artichokes braised with pancetta in lemon juice and white wine — elegant yet simple, and in line with Bittman’s charge to eat more vegetables. These two don’t let […]

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Quotes from Isaac Mizrahi

Style makes you feel great because it takes your mind off the fact that you’re going to die.
Isaac Mizrahi
TED2008 • 612K views Nov 2008
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There are so many images out there, so many clothes out there, and the only ones that look interesting to me are the ones that look slightly mistaken.
Isaac Mizrahi
TED2008 • 612K views Nov 2008
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