Fabian Oefner creates stunning visual representations of natural forces.

Why you should listen

Fabian Oefner is a photographer and artist who wants to blend the disciplines of art and science. His psychedelic images capture natural phenomena and present them in unique and eye-catching ways. To date, subjects have included sound waves, iridescence, even magnetic ferroliquids and fire. His aim: to create images that appeal to both a viewer's heart and brain.

Oefner's photographs have been exhibited in various countries and are part of private collections around the globe. Besides pursuing his own projects, he also works on ad campaigns. He works and lives in Switzerland.

What others say

“This psychedelic landscape ain't your daddy's watercolors” — The New Scientist

Fabian Oefner’s TED talk

Fabian Oefner on the TED Blog
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The art of science: Stunning, psychedelic images from Fabian Oefner

October 3, 2013

In today’s TED Talk, Fabian Oefner shares breathtaking images at the nexus of art and science, which beautifully capture unique moments of physical and chemical drama. Formally trained in art and design, Oefner says that he has always been interested in science. Though he can’t pinpoint the exact moment when he became interested in pairing […]

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Live from TEDGlobal

Whisky in a jar: TEDGlobal 2013 with Fabian Oefner

June 12, 2013

Photographer Fabian Oefner wants to show us in still images what sound waves look like, the magic of a soap bubble at the moment of bursting, the forces of magnetism, how fire burns through alcohol. Oefner considers himself an artist, but he is also a scientist. To him, these disciplines should not be mutually exclusive. […]

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Live from TEDGlobal

Regeneration: The speakers in Session 7 at TEDGlobal 2013

June 12, 2013

Session 7, “Regeneration,” couldn’t come at a better time; it’s the end of the second day of TEDGlobal 2013, and we could all use a little repair and restoration. In this session, four scientists and researchers look closely at the ways in which the body breaks down — and how we can rebuild them. Here […]

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