Elizabeth Pisani uses unconventional field research to understand how real-world behaviors influence AIDS transmission — and to overhaul antiquated, ineffective prevention strategies.

Why you should listen

An alumna of various government health agencies, Elizabeth Pisani is now an assumption-busting independent researcher and analyst, polling transgendered sex workers, drug addicts and others to illuminate the surprising (and often ignored) demographics that belie traditional studies.
Pisani is fearlessly outspoken on the global failure to understand and manage the realities of AIDS, decrying the tangled roles that money, votes, and media play in the public health landscape. She shows how politics and "morality" have hogtied funding, and advocates for putting dollars where they can actually make a difference. As the Globe and Mail wrote: “Pisani is lucid, colourful, insightful and impatient.”

What others say

“We are still not focusing our energies where they are truly needed.” — Elizabeth Pisani

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