Del Harvey

Security maven
Del Harvey is the VP of Trust & Safety at Twitter.

Why you should listen

At Twitter, Del Harvey works to ensure user safety and security, balancing Twitter's wide-open spaces against spammers, harassers and worse, to create a workable policy that lets the tweets flow. Prior to joining the booming social media site, she spent five years as the law enforcement liaison for a group fighting child exploitation, where she worked with agencies ranging from local police departments to the FBI, US Marshals and the Secret Service.

As Twitter grows, its ever inventive users (who famously came up with many of its key features by themselves) are finding ever new ways to overshare, offend and pick on others. Harvey and team's challenge is to weed out the worst while keeping the site feeling like a safe place to have this new kind of conversation we're all having there now.

What others say

“One of the projects Harvey is most keen on is called PhotoDNA – a Microsoft-developed technology which will produce a unique 'fingerprint' of every picture put on Twitter's service.” — Charles Arthur, Guardian

Del Harvey’s TED talk

Del Harvey on the TED Blog

Live from TED2014

How to keep 240 million Twitter users safe: Del Harvey at TED2014

March 19, 2014

Del Harvey is watching what you’re doing on Twitter. Head of the Trust and Safety Team at the social network, she develops ways to keep Twitter’s 240 million-plus users safe. With that many people — sending 500 million tweets every day — dangerous things are bound to happen, she says at TED2014. For Harvey, the […]

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Live from TED2014

Wired: The speakers in session 6 of TED2014

March 19, 2014

Technology is always a big theme at TED (it’s the “T,” after all), and in this session we draw back the curtain to take a closer look at what’s really going on within some of the world’s most influential companies. But this isn’t just about the current headline-grabbers. Speakers will also share thoughts and demos […]

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