Amos Winter and his team at MIT built the Leveraged Freedom Chair, a cheap lever-powered wheelchair whose design and develop put the user first.

Why you should listen

Amos Winter wants to know: How do you redesign the wheelchair, an essential aid for millions, to be even better, more affordable, adaptable for the developing world, and able to face any type of terrain or weather? The answer is: the Leveraged Freedom Chair. Integrating science, engineering and user-driven design, Winter has developed a wheelchair that uses arm-powered levers that yield surprisingly simple, highly effective mechanical results. Even better, cheap parts means the chair costs under $200 and can be repaired easily, even in rural communities where resources are scarce.

Amos Winter’s TED talk

Quotes from Amos Winter

Engage the end user in the design process. [Don't] just ask him what he needs, but ask him how he thinks it can be achieved.
Amos Winter
TEDxBoston 2012 • 693K views Nov 2012
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