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  • A reply on Conversation: Should degrees have "patches"?

    Aug 8 2012: So, to pursue your idea, would you now go to your profs, request the information on changes since you graduated, compile the information into a lecture and then offer it back to the university? Or make a contact list from your yearbook and email them a course offering....
  • A comment on Talk: Stephen Palumbi: Hidden toxins in the fish we eat

    Aug 7 2012: The first dolphin calf gets the highest concentration of toxins through mother's milk. Is everyone thinking what I'm thinking here? Are we seeing learning deficits in firstborn children more than later born human kids? Should we look again at who should be breastfeeding and perhaps, who shouldn't?
  • A reply on Conversation: Should degrees have "patches"?

    Aug 7 2012: Hasn't anyone ever asked you where you got yours? There's always been a brand name/ no-name brand situation with degrees.
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    A comment on Conversation: Should degrees have "patches"?

    Aug 7 2012: This is an excellent idea. Imagine the patch for a psychology degree that's 20 years old, with the leaps in technology in brain imaging. I'd love to know what has been found since the split -brain studies I read about! And what we must be finding out about Learning with Coursera, Khan Academy, Ted Talks, learning games like Luminosity and all the MASSIVE amounts of data these are accumulating about the human mind. And then think of what we now must be uncovering in Behavioual psych just by monitoring what people search in the googlebox. Maybe a patch would not be possible, since one psych degree would be so different from another, depending what a person had chosen to focus on: Biological, Developmental, Cognitive, Forensic, Behavioral, and who was teaching then. Who is to say there is much similarity between schools as you get into upper level courses? I remember taking a class about sexual selection, one on circadian rhythms and one that debunked religion. You'd almost need to take your patch at your alma mater and hope your profs aren't retired. As you see, I think as I type- sorry about that- and I've come full circle: does a patch function to correct problems/mistakes or to add new content? Wouldn't offering a patch be tantamount to admitting that the degree issued is less than perfect? What prof will offer to come forward and say "my life's work has been shown to be incorrect in the following way(s) by so-and such university over there". And, how much of your degree was relevant to your life in the first place? Imagine having to refresh on something like circadian rhythms each year, or tricyclics vs. SSRIs (see, 20 year old degree talkin'). I still love the idea though- how do you see it being applied? Revisit first year through Coursera? That should show any change in the fundamentals of each field, no?