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About Me

ما برای وصل کردن آمدیم نی برای فصل کردم آمدیم

Canada, Vancouver Bc
Current organization:
Superior Consulting Group Inc.
Current role:
Industrial engineering
Areas of expertise:
power plant construction management
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More About Me

I'm passionate about

Passionate about human rights and delivering ideas of justice to the world. I am also very passionate about human brain ability and who it works.

An idea worth spreading

I am citizen of the world. Border do not make scene to me it was made up by us. Take the borders. make the world a beautiful home for all people in any color, race and culture . love everyone and be loved by everyone.

People don't know that I'm good at

working with children, cooking

My TED Story

I had couple of days off last week; I started to watch some of videos and I am going to be addicted by the website. They are very interesting. I have learn a lot about so many different things to my opinion most of them are amazing.


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