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Born in La Paz, Bolivia moved to the small city of Tarija fleeing street political violence in my hometown 15 years ago. Nothing has changed since then, wait, there is even more street political violence now. I started different businesses with success, and worked with indigenous women in different regions of Bolivia to teach them some entrepeneurial skills, but they ended up teaching me about the love for life. Two years ago I started a new career on a long forgotten and deferred dream: journalism. I became an international correspondent for World Pulse magazine, and was honored as one out of three Voices of Our Future correspondents. The three Voices had a successful, emotional and unforgettable speaking tour throughout the US and were invited to come to the TED Conference after the tour was over. I look forward to hugging the wonderful audience of DC as a guest speaker on December 7th!

Bolivia, Tarija
Current organization:
World Pulse
Past organizations:
Current role:
International Affairs Officer
Areas of expertise:
Social business creation, Busines Management, Simple Cooking

TEDCRED 50+ TED Speaker

More About Me

I'm passionate about

Teenagers and their role in society, especially when they find themselves in abusive relationships

An idea worth spreading

Please amplify my voice a million times to let the right people know that we, the women of the world, need and request FREE access to the internet, just like we have free access to the radio or television.

Talk to me about

Technology: Web 2-0 in the hands of indigenous women in faraway villages in Bolivia and South America. Funding for social enterprises. Funding for a new University for women.

People don't know that I'm good at

Making simple, but delicious, desserts


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    A comment on Talk: Jacqueline Novogratz: Patient capitalism

    Dec 13 2010: I am one of the many human beings who think that politicians and economists have lied to us for too long. Left wingers have enslaved our minds and bodies to the holy State driven economy, that is supposed to lead our personal lives to success only if we understand that we need to do what the State says. Right wingers have managed to enslave our minds and bodies to money, without the least regard they have turned nature into business, trying to enslave nature too. Which is better? None of them.

    We need to rethink economics to get away from both monsters. We need to start opening our eyes to the truth that the only business worth being paid for, is the business of life. Yes. Because without life there is really no business. Because as Novogratz said, we need to start listening to each other. I add, that the "other" is not only human, it is also nature, it is life in all forms, it is all resources that nature works with: us and every living being.
  • A comment on Talk: Halla Tomasdottir: A feminine response to Iceland's financial crash

    Dec 13 2010: I strongly believe that the leadership of Mrs. Tomasdottir is working wonders to make women´s businesses a global business. She is extending her hand to make women visible in business. Women have always made businesses thrive, globally or in their very neighborhoods, but they were never visible. She is not only a hit because her business is thriving, but because she is leading the world to recognize that women have a more compassionate way of leading their businesses.

    Businesses are only alive because of the people that run them, and they are better or worse according to their leader's inclination to be "pro life" or against it. Think about it. Women will always be pro life, so their businesses will be pro life. But they have always been, it is only now that they are becoming more visible, because women are now conscious that claiming their power to be business leaders is the right way to go.

    Thank you Halla. You are wonderful.
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    A reply on Talk: Halla Tomasdottir: A feminine response to Iceland's financial crash

    Dec 13 2010: Dear rt broz: Not true my friend, business is not an entity in itself. Bussiness, as you will agree with me, is not produced by itself. It is produced either by men or women or both. I believe women have worked hard throughout history to make businesses thrive, in every country and every neighborhood. They just have not been visible until now that women are claiming their own power and taking their way of making business to the top levels. Men are, more and more, becoming obsolete in their non compassionate way of leading businesses.

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