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I am 64, retired, and a conservative, especially when it comes to big business overeaching the bounderies of sound ethics.

United States, San Diego, CA

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I am passionate about our Constitution and our need for smaller government.

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We must always maintain a guileless transparency in all things we do, thus saving the energy that it would take to cover lies within lies, while cavorting through personal Territorial Imperatives. It would seem that while marketing sometimes appears clever and/or cute, we are supporting the mechanism lieing when we buy into the purchase of those products or services. Our culture now reflects the intent to lie and deceive at every turn, in trying to hide our true natures because it would appear that we do not trust ourselves to think clearly and logically. We have become slaves to our greed to have things, meaningless objects, as if we are babies clinging to the breast in dire hope that this may be the only sustanence available. It is becoming obvious, that when a populace realizes its cuture is dying, these aspects of our true nature will become more pronoounced, which is a sad commentary on the nature of numanity. We must strive to become more aware of our true nature.

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determing the nature of intent


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  • A comment on Talk: George Monbiot: For more wonder, rewild the world

    Sep 14 2013: I always have a problem when someone tries to take humans out of the picture of what is right with the natural world. Humans are just as much a part of the wild world as any other animal, of which we are one. The world will adapt to us, as we will have to adapt to it, that is the natural selection process which all natural animalistic occurrences abide by.
    When naturalist try and separate out humans from everything else, they do so at the expense of their theories, making them look foolish. We are much as part of the ecosystem as anything else. Get over it !
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    A comment on Talk: Jack Andraka: A promising test for pancreatic cancer ... from a teenager

    Jul 13 2013: That young man who created the mechanism for cost effective pancreatic cancer detection deserves all of the accolades we all can muster. It is gratifying to know that some young geniuses actually work to help mankind have life, instead of creating things to kill humanity.
  • A comment on Talk: Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems

    Jul 7 2013: Moral Guidelines Ms. Lin, is when a person is used as a shill for a communistic government and is trying to persuade Americans how great their system is, is immoral by American Standards. By all accounts China is at the bottom of the list of countries who treat their citizens as Chattels. While TED may be trying to be all inclusive, it needs to be a bit more circumspect on what their presenters are trying to convey.
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    A comment on Talk: Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems

    Jul 6 2013: What has TED turned into. There must be some moral guidelines that should be adhered to. Thus guy speaks as if China's one party system is Utopian, which couldn't be further from the truth. For corruption to be so rampant, there is an underlying contempt for the rights of others, and only a government can give that self righteousness the stamp of approval by its edicts and treatment of its people who do not buy into that system.
    This guy is a Chinese government shill, a plant to attempt to take the edge off their lack of human rights. Of course our socialistic state isn't much better, but to highlight the reforms in China as a step forward has nothing to do with the happiness of a nation. He gives the impression that being a poor agrarian society as a negative thing, when in actuality most truly agrarian societies are happy.
    What happens to many agrarian societies is that aggressive individuals find it far too easy to bully their way through and bulldoze over simple agrarian people, espousing BS which influences the ignorant.
    The simple truth about China, is that American greed was instrumental in its growth and the Chinese never to be ones not to take advantage of an opportunity realized that we offered them a grand step forward. Manufacturing is the concentration of labors which bring in profits, which with the trickle down theory would hopefully benefit the whole of a nation.
    We will see exactly what will happen to China when Economic Collapse hits the corrupt banking systems in the world. Those sixty years of growth will crumble back into a level of austerity they had hoped never to see again.
    If this is where TED is going, I will not bother to watch again, no matter how they like to think they are on the leading edge of enlightenment and scholarly achievement !!!
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    A comment on Talk: Eric Dishman: Health care should be a team sport

    Apr 13 2013: This gentleman has hit the nail on the head ! I am currently suffering from numbing and tingling feet and have been to three doctors within the same system including my chiropractor, and none of them suspect that it might be the beginning symptoms of Type II Diabetes. My sugar looks good, but no body can figure out why. I've even had "Nerve induction test" to try and determine what causes the pain.
    But instead of communicating with each other it is like they all are sperated entities working from different perspectives, like the three blind men asked to describe and elephant by touch. Each one comes up with a different concept. And, this has been going on for over six months or more.
    This gentleman's concept is a great next step in our health care, and I'll certainly buy into it as soon as it becomes available.
  • A comment on Talk: Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

    Sep 21 2012: I am not heartened by Mr. Slavin's enthusiasm for this Brave New World.

    I do see problems in the future that we will see coming but won't know how to stop, because the avalanche of this new technologies has us enthralled, until we are jailed by our own, " I ROBOT ", for being a little too emotional for our own good.

    Machines should not govern human nature even if their Algorithms allow them to do so. We would like to think that our knowledge of psychology has us all figured out to the point that the CIA and Clandestine organizations can manipulate us at will, but when machines can do this in the absence of feelings for the outcome, this will be just like Will Smith's movie, "I ROBOT" !!

    There comes a time when humans must not make themselves subservient to the unfeeling, least we become cannibals of our own spirit. At some point we will need to bring "The Three Rules of Robotics into the frame of human existence. Because of the market crash of the dueling computers, it is now becoming evident that this should be given serious consideration.

    If our machines can think faster than we, even at our smartest, we will need to find a way to protect ourselves from that encroachment upon our abilities !!!
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    A comment on Talk: Marc Goodman: A vision of crimes in the future

    Jul 13 2012: With no viable solutions to the problems he speaks of, it comes off as propaganda to keep the populace of intellectuals on the edge of unbalanced fear, thus allowing our best thinkers to believe that something must be done to secure our safety from the bad guys.
    Sorry TED, this comes off as pure BS. How about getting the NRA up there on stage to speak about how old ladies save themselves by shooting rapist dead upon his second attack in two days. Lets have some balance, and try not to put out hysteria.
    There are always going to be bad guys to deal with in society, that is just the name of the game within which we operate.
    Remember all you posters and TED people; What this speaker did not mention was that terrorist, do not live in a vacuum, and that righteous indignation can take many forms when a society and people are attacked as the United States seems to think it can do with impunity.
    The terrorist activities around the world are in direct proportion to how out of whack are our societies. The greater the provocation by governments the greater will be the attacks by terrorist organization.
  • A comment on Talk: Auret van Heerden: Making global labor fair

    Nov 17 2010: Sorry folks, I don't buy it. Yes, butchery and slavery is not the way to enhance a country's economy, but when you look at the audience, all dressed in their cloths purchase from multinational chains you may realize that not many of them would like to come to this program dressed in sandals and a rag. Humans will always be used by other humans, thus when and if you are able to bring all humans up to the same level of productivity and purchasing power, you will essentially have communalism. Will Americans willingly give up their status as the world's power elite. Not so willingly will they do so. It is fine to talk about bringing the down trodden up a level or two, but they must want it badly enought to fight for it. We cannot legislate another countries ethical standards, other than to stop the purchasing their products, and that will not happen any time soon. All this well meaning spirit is a front to make a person feel good about themselves, but will not change human nature.