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Kevin Donlin *never* talks about himself in the third person, except for in bios like this one ...


* has been marketing online since 1994, when he sold the first job-search ebook, "How to Find a Job on the Internet" (for $10, payable by check);

* was Webmaster for FedEx.com from 1995 (when the site had 6 web pages) until 1998 (many more web pages);

* has been an entrepreneur since 1998, when he opened Guaranteed Resumes (now Guerrilla Job Search International);

* was among the first to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in 1999; he ran ads on Goto.com (later Overture, later Yahoo Search Marketing);

* got a refrigerator in the mail from Google after spending his first $100,000 on Adwords ads (see photo at bottom) -- you can not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Google Adwords unless your ads are making a LOT of money;

* has been interviewed on marketing-related topics by ABC-TV (photo below), NBC-TV, CBS Radio, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, and many other media outlets.

United States, Minneapolis, MN
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Client Cloning Systems
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I'm passionate about

Delivering marketing tools and ideas to service business owners. I make these deliveries in writing, speaking, and seminars.

An idea worth spreading

It's been said that the 3 most-important parts of any marketing promotion are, in order: List, Offer, Copy.

Yet, most business owners spend days and weeks agonizing over the last of these three: the Copy -- they words they use to sell their products or services, whether on paper, by phone, or in person.

They spend precious little time choosing the right audience for their promotion (the List) or structuring the price, payment terms, guarantee, and other elements of what they're selling (the Offer).

Not only can most businesses increase their sales by spending more time on list selection and offer creation, but these elements are 100% under your control. You decide whom to sell to (List), what to sell (Offer), and how to sell it (Copy)


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  • A comment on Talk: Dan Cobley: What physics taught me about marketing

    Oct 26 2010: Excellent. Marketing done by physicists is bound to produce breakthroughs ... just as rock and roll done by artists produced the Velvet Underground :-)

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