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Environmental Student
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TED Translator

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EVERYTHING! (Just don't get me to write another research paper on it...)

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Holism, not that I'm advocating the entire restructuring of modern academic traditions but... it's still an interesting path that we didn't take that still deserves a good look at.

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Environment, China, future of the world, anything! (anything not hardcore science/engineering)

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piano, drums, martial arts, canoeing, wilderness survival, being nice, talking...


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  • A comment on Talk: Liu Bolin: The invisible man

    Apr 10 2014: I liked the translator. Very cooperative
  • A comment on Talk: Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives

    Jan 14 2014: Basically eat less and live longer right? There's this saying in Chinese, something like, skip dinner and live to a hundred. Actually, very traditional Chinese families only have two meals a day, breakfast and lunch. So I guess this 'secret' of longevity's been known for at least hundreds of years.

    It's just too bad that western medical societies don't take Chinese medicine seriously. Apparently something that has been shown to work for over a thousand years has no knowledge value in the eyes of the all mighty western science.
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    A comment on Talk: Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection

    Sep 13 2013: Great. Now I have to watch this again.
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    A comment on Talk: Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems

    Jul 16 2013: Biggest problem with this talk is that it's too short. But Eric made good points. Especially his last comment before he went of stage, I think, is crucial to the understanding of his entire talk. His presentation is based on a different understanding of the world, one which, without it, would make the talk incomprehensible in its entirety.
  • A reply on Talk: Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers

    Jul 10 2013: Yes! I've watched this talk before, the vegi house in the talk makes sense, but the meat house? I don't know if you are familiar with the Starcraft franchise, but this reminds me of the Zerg race from the game.
  • A reply on Talk: Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers

    Jul 10 2013: no i haven't, but I just did. but to clarify a bit, what i had in mind was a bit more on the scifi side of things. But thanks for the link! this is amazing, elf like even.
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    A comment on Talk: Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers

    Jul 9 2013: This is only marginally related, but I've always wondered why there's so little talk in genetically engineering trees. Our ability to shape nature is still very limited, but just imagine, rather than cut the trees to make use of the wood -- its dead body, simply engineer them to grow into buildings?
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    A comment on Talk: Keith Chen: Could your language affect your ability to save money?

    Mar 17 2013: That's very interesting, however to Keith and people like him and myself. What about people with two native languages, or in my case, three, how does that affect your perspective on money, future, family etc? Take the "uncle" example, I've had the same facination (cousin to be specific), how would having have to use two languages on a daily basis affect one's view? Would it cause self doubt, confusion?

    Also, language affect not just our sense of future. but also of community, family, money itself (as some commentators have pointed out correctly). They all impact what kind of person we are. Languages also evolve and change overtime, sometimes separately from the civilization and culture it comes from. There are a lot of other factors aside from the ones presented that could affect saving rate and economic health. I don't believe languages can be distinguished solely by the way "time" is spoken. or even that it should, but it seems clear that language does indeed have an effect on economics.
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    A comment on Talk: Colin Powell: Kids need structure

    Feb 18 2013: @Damon Ucraiui

    Anyway, I was saying it's bad practice to do so. The talk might not be a good one, but best that judgement be based on the actual talk than the speaker's personal/professional history. yes?

    Personally I find this talk a bit out of focused and confusing, but my comment was written in response to what Jim Smithson had wrote, instead of responding to the talk as a whole.


    @Jim Smithson

    I dont disagree with you on the things you mentioned as important. Critical thinking etc, or else we would not even be able to have this conversation. However having a disciplined education system does not diminishes these things imo. Unless you can point to a clear example of this?
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    A reply on Conversation: Colin Powell

    Feb 16 2013: @Jim Smithson: Ah.. well didn't mean to sound hostile, just responding to your last paragraph there. Or maybe that was hostile language to you, either way, my point stand. Freedom is a matter of POV. And you're saying about Freedom of thoughts and all that, again, I'm no expert, but from what you're saying, it seems that you'd prefer children of all ages be free from social discipline, and that that would make them think better..? Because that's the message I'm receiving from you. You also haven't provided an alternative to defer to.

    @Damon Ucraiui: Don't mix the man with the message he carries.
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