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Mexico, Guadalajara . Jal.
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Current role:
Student - Intern
Areas of expertise:
Market & Brand Strategy, Market research and marketing, Market Intelligence, Interpretation Spanish
English, Spanish, German, French, Italian
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ITESM Campus Guadalajara

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I'm passionate about

Innovation, cultures, languages, music, traveling, networking, reading, writing, photographs, people and everything I can learn from

An idea worth spreading

Passion leads to commitment, and nothing could deliver the best results from an individual than that kind of inspiration and backbone. Striving further ensures our evolution, our always wanting to be better at what we do.


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    A comment on Talk: Adam Ostrow: After your final status update

    Aug 1 2011: This is definitely something to look forward to. Even now when we are able to print out a book from our blogs, history has never before been written in such a way. As they used to say "History is always written by winners" but this time, history is being written by billions of authors around the world, each with their own version. This time history will no longer be an absolute truth, but a multi dimensional, multi leveled, relative truth. Our truths.