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Web developer for large sustainable integrated design firm with offices in Seattle and San Francisco. Marketing/print/web consultant for modern children's clothing store with a focus on organic and locally made fashion. Aspiring teacher of environmental spirituality.

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I'm passionate about

Open source software, GTD, sharing information, web standards/accessibility, the environment, urban density, and sustainable urban food production.

An idea worth spreading

Lead by example, mentor every day, always be open to new ideas.

Talk to me about

Website usability & standards, Wordpress, Expression Engine, Drupal, Ubuntu, Organic Fashion, organic gardening, permaculture, Straw Bale construction, Solar/Wind Energy, Handmade Shoes.

People don't know that I'm good at

Giving architectural tours of the OMA/LMN designed Seattle Public Library, making perfect lattes and drawing comics.

My TED Story

Aspiring TED attendee, avid TED talk fan.


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  • A comment on Talk: Gustavo Dudamel and the Teresa Carreâ±o Youth Orchestra: El Sistema's top youth orchestra

    Feb 18 2009: Someone clone that man, and the El Sistema program! More please!!
  • A comment on Talk: Saul Griffith: Everyday inventions

    Feb 10 2009: Saul recently gave a talk "Climate Change Recalculated", part of the Long Now Foundation's Seminars About Long Term Thinking (SALT).

    Here's the audio recording which can also be had by iTunes subscription to the SALT podcast
  • A comment on Talk: George Dyson: The birth of the computer

    Jun 17 2008: Does anyone know where one might find the beautiful printouts he used in the End slide...I think they were outputs from Nils Aall Barricelli's "creatures"? I would love to have a large print of that for my living room. Great talk, I've heard the history of computing many ways, this was fascinating and entertaining.
  • A comment on Talk: Robin Chase: The idea behind Zipcar (and what comes next)

    Feb 8 2008: I don't believe Robin is suggesting we shun mass transit. And although delivery could be a bit snappier in terms of drawing people in her ideas are sound. Congestion pricing aside, the idea of using mesh networks with open standards is not just sound, but could in fact have profound impact on the world. Free, equal access to information pushes us more towards a meritocracy and we're going to need all the merit we can get to get out of the climate crisis. If information is free, it will be good products and services that get money, not just those that happen to have a stranglehold on markets. There is a great need for more open standards advocacy.

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