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United States, Lexington, KY
Current organization:
Southland Christian Church
Areas of expertise:
Curriculum and Instruction

More About Me

I'm passionate about

helping people find their gifts and talents and then helping them find community. Once in the community their gifts and talents begin to add value and opportunity for the community to serve people.

An idea worth spreading

the more we free peope to become what God intended the more the world becomes the kingdom of heaven


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  • A comment on Talk: Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and Goliath

    Oct 13 2013: Fascinating study of a passage so many assumed they knew and understood. This is what excellent study of the text looks like. Is Gladwell 100% correct in his assumptions or descriptions? It really doesn't matter because he is setting the stage for investigation. The way Gladwell tells the story does not negate David's faith in God. In fact it probably increases it because somehow David was aware enough of the issue to face the giant without fear. That is a far greater lesson, even if Gladwell's theory about Goliath is correct. Thanks for the excellent example of restudying what you thought you knew. May we all have such courage,
  • A comment on Talk: Colin Powell: Kids need structure

    Jan 24 2013: structure and networks are essential to the natural processes of life, including the human body. this talk has generated a lot of negative comments about his beliefs, but without structure and networks even these negative comments could not happen.

    education without structure and networks is chaos. ask a teacher in any system, in any part of the world, and they may not use the words, but their beliefs express structure and networks.

    thanks General. this reminded us of truths which are essential for life.
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    A comment on Talk: Improv Everywhere: A TED speaker's worst nightmare

    Mar 13 2012: made my day! we all need to learn to "lighten up" when things don't go
    according to plan." great reminder we are not in control anyway!
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    A comment on Talk: John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding

    Jun 7 2010: A master teacher whose life will continue to impact people for years. He indeed was a servant who led by example and personal discipline.
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    A comment on Talk: Billy Graham: On technology and faith

    Jul 18 2008: It is ironic that some choose to question the value of Dr. Graham's presentation, while at the same time AJ Jacobs presented his learning about living biblically, and is lauded. I appreciate both men's presentations and learned from both. Isn't learning all about listening to all sides of an issue, rather than allowing our biases to shut one potential learning opportunity off?.