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Twenty years in engineering, returned to teaching (technology education) in 2002.

United States, Manchester, CT

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The need for true Third Party choices in American politics.

People don't know that I'm good at

Canine Agility

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I always find something that "wows" me and that I must send to someone else.


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  • A comment on Conversation: Can TED Talks be rated to indicate their appropriateness for use in schools?

    Jun 17 2012: Why does the TED homepage tell me that I am logged in but the Conversations Page requires me to sign in? Why is it that when I sign in and click on My Conversations or My Comments - I am told I have none? Why does my Idea indicate four comments but when I click on my Idea it shows 0 comments? Something is not working here. I'll look for an Administrator to ask.
  • A comment on Talk: Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action

    Jul 11 2010: I would love to see the graphic at the end (the one showing the earth and the relative volume of water and atmosphere) updated to include the proportionate "volume" of human inhabitants versus plant and animal life.
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    A reply on Talk: Charles Leadbeater: The era of open innovation

    May 19 2010: I am a Technology Education teacher, currently teaching Drafting and CADD at EC Goodwin Technical HS in New Britain CT. I just forwarded TED talks on "Math Instruction" and "Schools Killing Creativity" to my administrator. As a former designer, I was interested in the Amateur Innovation but my brain sat up when C. Leadbeater mentioned the 1% educational users as the innovators/stakeholders. Today we had a Professional Development workshop on the topic of Reading Improvement, but conversation evolved into brainstorming session on how to create ownership/interest/passion/involvement of students. God I love TED.

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