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Active: Kyoto Protocol Consultant/CO2e-Reducting Project Promotor. Degrees: Car Mechanic, Studied Technical Engineering, took a Post-Graduate about "International Relations and Peace Deployment" Active in Youth Environment Europe (Umbrella Organisation of the European Independent Youth Nature Organisations), set-up network of independent "Kyoto Protocol Consultants "How to bring welfare, jobs, attract financiers, do business, add profit, to your region thanks to the Kyoto Protocol". Worked in large engineering companies: Vivendi, Veolia, DE Smet-Ballestra, DFKintl ... currently looking for income. ---------------- Collaborated with the Blmusictherapy and working with animals to get poeple faster out of their coma (the quicker, the less damage to the brain as you probably know). What's less known is that you awaken gradually... so imagine you're lying in a room with other people that don't move ... and ... the nurse is only passing a couple of times a day ... if you happen to have your wake moment ... and you can't move a limb ... or just hear... or just see ... or just move your foot a bit .. and that's all ... you're really in a horror movie like AAAAAAA when are they going to chop me up ... AAAAA I've got to get people's attention to stop me from burying me alive ! So... you know music stimulates a lot of parts of the brain ... and we're getting quicker and dislock more awakening moments, recuperate more people....
We've started experimenting with animals ... to see if their 6th sense can feel when someone is about to become a wake .. see if we can train them to stay with these people .. and afterwards come and get someone from the staff... other advantage: some animals have very deep childhood engraved strong memories : like of a dog, sound of a bird, softness of the fur of the cat, ... might also spark and awakening.
Now... for those that have never experienced a coma :
I propose 1/3rd of the audience takes a hammer that's under their chairs... just wack your left neighbour ... another trick : get in your car, crank it up to 40 miles per hour and drive head on into a strong concrete building ... and the otherones follow me for an overdosis of drugs ... CU So cool !
Can the last person leaving the room switch of the light ? Thx for reading ! ;)

More About Me

I'm passionate about

Peace Deployment, Youth, Eco-lifestyles, Green R&D, Research Transfer to Financiers & Business Communities-Services, Business-Development,-Advisory,-Mgt Services, Sailing,Horsebackriding,Hiking

An idea worth spreading

Shouldn't all the available disc space of all the public organisation be available for the public? Imagine you have a need: no access to water, why can't you go the UN website and find a Virtual Open Office where people can introduce that problem and find immediately help AND online assistance of people that have time & relevant help to offer .. via chat or webphone. And let the society organise it ..like wikipedia but : I need / I can help with .. and all retired or people with time and knowledge available can log-on and help.. maybe that person may know an NGO that's only a couple of km away, or the way to a micro-credit system, and the person in pain just didn't know. Thanks for reading.

Talk to me about

Kyoto Protocol/+10M€ CO2e-Reducing Projects, OLPCO2e, If you're a player, probably I can bring the other parties to the table to close the deal.

My TED Story

Give this person a loudspeaker and an audience ! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=wonderingmind42 You're also gonna love:
Humans as prolongiation for computing tasks computers are not good at ... there is a symiosis possible between the Matrix and Humanity


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  • A comment on Talk: Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

    Feb 27 2015: 2015 here in the European Union has been dedicated as the EU Year for Development #EYD2015. Every month follows the UN Months of Observance and february is dedicated to "Education link Development".
  • A comment on Talk: Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

    Feb 27 2015: I like people that use their power to attract attention / resources to support the laudable projects she supports ... Hey Ted or Cameron ... update the links on your ted profile, they all link to something else or are dead. Maybe you can pick some of us up on the other side in the projects you support.
  • A reply on Talk: Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

    Feb 27 2015: She's/models would be insecure about their looks? Isn't that like a problem their model agency/coaches-mom/dad/family should address? Doesn't that come from e.g.:
    - there's a lot of models and it's actually very hard to make a living with it? But isn't that so in any branch? Maybe even more all or nothing and that has to outweigh that it is so time consuming?
    - it's the intrinsique factor in their business: you can't switch body and be good for all magazines/publicity/movies/fashion houses? And market demand/types of models changes? I can imagine you can be "out" in a matter of years. But is it such a big disaster to take up studying or so a couple of years later? With al. the internet supported courses? It's mainstream now to collect credits with shorter and more focusses courses to get a degree?

    I find it really sick, people/coaches/agencies that make (young) people or just anybody who makes other people's life unpleasant. I don't see why it's so hard to create a nice environment.
  • A comment on Talk: Pattie Maes + Pranav Mistry: Meet the SixthSense interaction

    Feb 27 2015: Why doesn't she / can anybody explain where the bottle necks are? I thought we were going to have this like in 2010 or so at some apple event presented by Steve JOBS. I don't need it to be so tiny as a google glasses.
  • A reply on Talk: Pattie Maes + Pranav Mistry: Meet the SixthSense interaction

    Feb 27 2015: I remember I was so dissapointed at the next Apple convention with Steve JOBS about 10 years ago ... I really thought that the next macbook they were going to present was going to be like this device.
    I don't understand why it is so hard to make this.
    I wouldn't mind carrying a portable battery, glasses, finger tip gloves, etc. I'd love to be able to quickread basic data on what a person is all about when I meet them at a fair / conference / ... what they have to offer, look for, their conditions to interact. I think it would optimise and speed up things a lot.
  • A reply on Talk: Pattie Maes + Pranav Mistry: Meet the SixthSense interaction

    Feb 27 2015: ? Well... then you just switch of the device?
    Isn't it like if you prefer driving without gps ... then switch it of ... and see if you like where you get.
    Without a compass, you'll also get somewhere ... but most often it not at all a nice place nor the place where you want to be.
    I think the advantages outweigh the negative.
  • A reply on Talk: Improv Everywhere: A TED speaker's worst nightmare

    Oct 4 2014: But it was all like apple would fail on you? Then I thought it had something to do with chrome and google. Absurdity ... I mean, we've had artists exploring and taking that to just about the limits, like ceci n'est pas un pipe, making people stare at everyday objects in museau, or artists put ting feaces in jars in an exhibit, ... .
    To me it was really like suggesting these alternative, green world improvers can't get their world changing stuff to work, look how ridiculous they really are ... and then their little Apple laptops, look at them fail.
  • A comment on Talk: Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with nonviolence

    Nov 23 2013: Using force against force doesn't work?
    When did the civil war in former Yougoslavia took a turn? When the UN finally agreed to give the Blue Helmets - UNFOR a mandate to attack when they saw opportune.
  • A comment on Talk: Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with nonviolence

    Nov 22 2013: Using force against force doesn't work?
    The genocide in RDCongo, about 6 million people are estimated to have died. 2013 march: the Monusco Blue Helmets finally received a mandate to create a rapid intervention brigade. From August onwards, with every batch of elite soldiers and equipment arriving, moral immediately goes up with the population, the population guards, the Congolese army go up. First results are appearing. In September the last batch has arrived. Within a month the M23 militia/army - main responsible for these child soldier and atrocities - are fought back to the frontiers of Uganda and Ruanda and completely disintegrates and the first high ranked M23 leaders are sent to the International Criminal Court in Den Haag to join some others that were sent earlier on. More: http://monusco.unmissions.org/
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: Well, the UN etc. are learning organizations and humanity does learn and things do evolve, e.g. the March 2013 mandate for a UN Monusco Rapid Intervention Brigade in the RDCongo - Kivu region. Only weeks are the last troops arrived in september 2013, the M23 militia-army was completely fought back and disintegrated. A new era has emerged in the region ever since. Here's what we do: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OBJECTIF_BROUSSE_Ecoles_OLPC and of course you can join in.
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