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Active: Kyoto Protocol Consultant/CO2e-Reducting Project Promotor. Degrees: Car Mechanic, Studied Technical Engineering, took a Post-Graduate about "International Relations and Peace Deployment" Active in Youth Environment Europe (Umbrella Organisation of the European Independent Youth Nature Organisations), set-up network of independent "Kyoto Protocol Consultants "How to bring welfare, jobs, attract financiers, do business, add profit, to your region thanks to the Kyoto Protocol". Worked in large engineering companies: Vivendi, Veolia, DE Smet-Ballestra, DFKintl ... currently looking for income. ---------------- Collaborated with the Blmusictherapy and working with animals to get poeple faster out of their coma (the quicker, the less damage to the brain as you probably know). What's less known is that you awaken gradually... so imagine you're lying in a room with other people that don't move ... and ... the nurse is only passing a couple of times a day ... if you happen to have your wake moment ... and you can't move a limb ... or just hear... or just see ... or just move your foot a bit .. and that's all ... you're really in a horror movie like AAAAAAA when are they going to chop me up ... AAAAA I've got to get people's attention to stop me from burying me alive ! So... you know music stimulates a lot of parts of the brain ... and we're getting quicker and dislock more awakening moments, recuperate more people....
We've started experimenting with animals ... to see if their 6th sense can feel when someone is about to become a wake .. see if we can train them to stay with these people .. and afterwards come and get someone from the staff... other advantage: some animals have very deep childhood engraved strong memories : like of a dog, sound of a bird, softness of the fur of the cat, ... might also spark and awakening.
Now... for those that have never experienced a coma :
I propose 1/3rd of the audience takes a hammer that's under their chairs... just wack your left neighbour ... another trick : get in your car, crank it up to 40 miles per hour and drive head on into a strong concrete building ... and the otherones follow me for an overdosis of drugs ... CU So cool !
Can the last person leaving the room switch of the light ? Thx for reading ! ;)

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Peace Deployment, Youth, Eco-lifestyles, Green R&D, Research Transfer to Financiers & Business Communities-Services, Business-Development,-Advisory,-Mgt Services, Sailing,Horsebackriding,Hiking

An idea worth spreading

Shouldn't all the available disc space of all the public organisation be available for the public? Imagine you have a need: no access to water, why can't you go the UN website and find a Virtual Open Office where people can introduce that problem and find immediately help AND online assistance of people that have time & relevant help to offer .. via chat or webphone. And let the society organise it ..like wikipedia but : I need / I can help with .. and all retired or people with time and knowledge available can log-on and help.. maybe that person may know an NGO that's only a couple of km away, or the way to a micro-credit system, and the person in pain just didn't know. Thanks for reading.

Talk to me about

Kyoto Protocol/+10M€ CO2e-Reducing Projects, OLPCO2e, If you're a player, probably I can bring the other parties to the table to close the deal.

My TED Story

Give this person a loudspeaker and an audience ! http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=wonderingmind42 You're also gonna love:
Humans as prolongiation for computing tasks computers are not good at ... there is a symiosis possible between the Matrix and Humanity


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  • A comment on Talk: Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with non-violence

    Nov 23 2013: Using force against force doesn't work?
    When did the civil war in former Yougoslavia took a turn? When the UN finally agreed to give the Blue Helmets - UNFOR a mandate to attack when they saw opportune.
  • A comment on Talk: Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with non-violence

    Nov 22 2013: Using force against force doesn't work?
    The genocide in RDCongo, about 6 million people are estimated to have died. 2013 march: the Monusco Blue Helmets finally received a mandate to create a rapid intervention brigade. From August onwards, with every batch of elite soldiers and equipment arriving, moral immediately goes up with the population, the population guards, the Congolese army go up. First results are appearing. In September the last batch has arrived. Within a month the M23 militia/army - main responsible for these child soldier and atrocities - are fought back to the frontiers of Uganda and Ruanda and completely disintegrates and the first high ranked M23 leaders are sent to the International Criminal Court in Den Haag to join some others that were sent earlier on. More: http://monusco.unmissions.org/
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: Well, the UN etc. are learning organizations and humanity does learn and things do evolve, e.g. the March 2013 mandate for a UN Monusco Rapid Intervention Brigade in the RDCongo - Kivu region. Only weeks are the last troops arrived in september 2013, the M23 militia-army was completely fought back and disintegrated. A new era has emerged in the region ever since. Here's what we do: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OBJECTIF_BROUSSE_Ecoles_OLPC and of course you can join in.
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: billions? How much opium is harvested every year and what's the street value?

    And all the billions the international community invests is not doing anything good at all? If I wouldn't have kids who need me, I'd be there helping set-up businesses even more than I am now: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Afghanistan
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: Can't you create your own business ? So many great ideas can be found on the internet, chambers of commerce in your region, micro-finance to start things up, maybe here at Ted, offer some TED members to chip in in exchange for shares?
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: its called the International Criminal Court - http://www.icc-cpi.int/ You should be proud of it. But have you ever bothered checking or subscribed to see the criminals in charge right now? And how assets are frozen and recuperated?
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: The UN websites, Europaid, USaid, websites of NGO's are FULL of examples that worked, work, keep working. I think we have to get rid of "only bad news" is "news" and you have to correct the tuning of your TV and media stations.
    I do subscribe to the UN, EU, Europaid, etc. and allow them to send me info directly so I get it from the source on the topics that matter to me. It helps me to get a more equilibrated world view.
  • A reply on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 20 2013: It took humanity thousands of years to make a car. Does that mean one cannot learn someone how a car works, how to drive it in a couple of months?

    We have the UN now approving a rapid mobility intervention brigade/army in former Yougoslavia, it solved the crisis, idem with the Monusco in RDC. Within weeks after the last troops arrived, the M23 rebel-militia/army was fought back and completely desintegrated. It may take years to get to a tipping point, but when it's been reached, things can change for the better very quickly and if you then allow 10 years, I think a lot can be implemented by the UN, Unicef, the large NGO's. These latter all all learning organizations. A lot of knowledge has been accumulated. The UN from 20 years ago is very different from the UN from now I find. and lets not forget technological advances: miniaturization combined with mass production, solar power, sustainability, the internet, or the OLPC One Laptop Per Child open source and open hardware = one mobile school per kid, with eTeachers and all. All kids in Uruguay, Peru, Ruanda, soon Australia and many Island States will have one ... I think you're too pessimistic. If you hammer it in for 10 years: either the money goes to Asia, or the money goes to e.g. RDCongo the great lakes region - it just depends on where investors see people collaborating and stability and peace and democracy going ahead. Your compettitor is not the one next to you, they're your partners. Your compettitors are teams that DO collaborate with each other in Asia. I think if you hammer that in for 10 years and you show only cartoons like "bob the builder" where there is no violence, only collaboration ... you get change.
  • A comment on Talk: Paul Collier: New rules for rebuilding a broken nation

    Nov 18 2013: 1. UN Security Council, Peace Keepers - decade long engagement
    2. Donors - Post Conflict Recovery - decade long engagement
    3. Post Conflict Government, focussing on Economic reform and Inclusion Agenda. No elections as they generate a winner and a loser. Post conflict is too soon for democratic elections.

    The language of "Compact".
    UN Peacebuilding Comission and Fund http://www.un.org/en/peacebuilding/ and http://www.unpbf.org/

    and they are going to be better at determining what money to dedicate to what issue and draft a temporized plan than a locally elected group? Sounds a lot like what the IMF specialists are doing when giving loans.

    So construction sector. How about education? Very cheap with free ebooks and e.g. a One Laptop Per Child xo-xs laptop & PV panel of about 190€/7 years average life time = 25 €/year. And they can carry about 1.000 ebooks, so all school books for a whole career + 1001 venture idea's to kick start with a micro-fund? e.g. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OBJECTIF_BROUSSE_Ecoles_OLPC

    At the EU, every country chooses a max of 13 developing countries it wants to focus upon and follow for a long time.
  • A reply on Talk: Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace

    Nov 18 2013: How about Agenda 21? The global Plan of Action that invites all to align with? It offers many doors of entrance: www.MyAgenda21.org
    Agenda 21 is a clear Plan of Action to help Humanity make it beyond the year 2100. And it helps to make sense of all that is happening on our planet and bring order and a logic in things.
    Actions culminate when every 10 years, since 1972, the best of the best humanity can bring forward, gather in the "Earth Summits" to evaluate the Agenda 21 plan of action and fine tune it again.
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