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About Me

Adjunct Professor, Kaplan University School of Health Sciences
Integrative Bodyworker, NorthShore University HealthSystems
Board President, Living Earth Television, NFP
Faculty, Infinity Foundation - Holistic Education Non-Profit

Law Degree (Washington University School of Law - 1975)
Masters of Public Health (UCLA - 1978)
B.A. in Sociology (University of Illinois, Chicago - 1972)

United States, Evanston, IL
Current organization:
Writer, Divine Primates Blog
Past organizations:
Adjunct Professor, Kaplan University, Board Member, Living Earth Television, Integrated Bodyworker, NorthShore Univ. HlthSys
Areas of expertise:
Health & Wellness, education, Human nature, Law and Public Policy, Science-Policy Linkages, Environmental Ethics, Environmental Policy

More About Me

I'm passionate about

Human Sustainability, Environmental Ethics, Species-Awareness, Interspirituality, Intercultural awareness

An idea worth spreading

Humans are a species of primates and may not be able to live sustainably on this planet until we create cultures that encourage cooperation and rational behavior rather than consumerism and greed. We need a new story, a new narrative - that focuses on building compassion and courage rather than greed and selfishness.

Talk to me about

Human Nature, Evolutionary Psychology, Sustainability Education, Intercultural Documentary Films, Human Touch

People don't know that I'm good at

playing didgeridoo


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    A reply on Talk: Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

    Apr 18 2010: This trivializes the message. We're talking about the health of our nation, not American Idol.
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    A comment on Talk: Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

    Apr 18 2010: There's an entire academic field, "Food Science" that needs to be restructured and overhauled. In fact, the "science" really focuses on manipulating humans into buying and eating stuff that is not good for us. There is no science behind the healthfulness of fast food, etc. And yet the main jobs for people in "food science" are supporting the food industry that is getting us deeper and deeper into the unintended consequence of Obesity.

    And the field of nutritional science is not far ahead of "Food Science." Dietitian and nutritional teachers are still in the dark ages, with enormous influence from the food industry rather than actual scientific knowledge.
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    A reply on Talk: Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

    Apr 18 2010: It isn't about business being evil, but about people doing things that have enormous unintended consequences. The FDA does not set the rules; Congress does. And Congress is dominated by vested interests that want their businesses to be successful and predictable without regard to their unintended consequences. Regulations, in fact, take an area of complete scientific uncertainty and set standards and rules so that business can flourish - not to protect our future health. NO ONE is supervising our nation's food supply for long-term health and suitability. There are no adults minding the shop. The marketplace is determining our food supply, and manipulating human tastes to make money. If you believe that good health is given a high value in the marketplace, and that it is up to individuals to make good choices, then how do you explain the situation we're in? Blame it on obese people, while the food companies continue to grow and profit while our nation gets more and more obese.