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  • A comment on Talk: Leslie Dodson: Don't misrepresent Africa

    Dec 3 2011: Nice talk... I made an image about sort of this same thing, a while back, with mention of Africa:
    (click the image to view larger)
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    A comment on Talk: Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world

    Sep 20 2010: Perhaps this is a well-intentioned pursuit of finding new ways to motivate people, but, speaking as a game designer and "freelance psychologist" who has done heavy thinking on this very topic since my mid-teens, I think having a dense game layer would ultimately create more DEmotivation than motivation. (and some other issues)

    Some key problems I see:
    1) The mind can't care about "soft" motivations forever. When you're addicted to games like MMO's, you eventually "get it", and lose interest. The motivation and drive to play comes from the thought that there's more happiness/reward ahead (with the promise of feeling "new" to you), but, once you start to fully "get it", and deeply understand what it really is, the motivation dies.

    2) In a 'gamed' society, people could be temporarily hooked on things that seem to offer reward, but everyday tasks that DON'T would become HARD to do. (scary)
    I hate to say all this, but this realm is too important to let go without weighing any risks.
  • A comment on Talk: Bill Gates: Innovating to zero!

    Aug 16 2010: I noticed Mr. Gates comment that there aren't nearly enough batteries in the world for solar. Could it be that there just aren't enough batteries *made*, not that making them would be an issue? ('been wondering lately)

    When you think about it, it seems that people COULD have a lot more batteries, but all you NEED are tiny AA's (minus the car battery, but that isn't exactly an AC outlet).

    I started thinking about this because I just bought a big floodlight that can shine a 1-million candle-power bulb for 7 hours, using a sealed lead acid battery (Flintstone's tech) about the size of a brick (7"x3x4).

    So, what I'm thinking is, would it work if every solar panel system came with, say, a washing machine-sized battery that could last days without sun? (just a giant tub of battery acid, acting as a new household appliance. If space is in issue, you could shape it like a Scrabble piece, and stand it up inside a wall)

    Last, there'd just have to be a cheap/green approach to battery acid...
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    A comment on Talk: Barry Schwartz: Our loss of wisdom

    Jun 27 2010: Love this talk... So much insight that's needed by today's institutions.
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    A comment on Talk: Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

    May 25 2010: Oh boy, 'had to watch this video instantly upon getting the TED email. His second great talk.

    I've been thinking a lot lately about new ways to do education... (I've always wanted to write a curriculum, and might tackle it next year). I favor the idea of collecting the world's most ingenious teachers - those who are scarily engaging in the classroom - and digitizing their lessons, essentially so that *every* kid can have the world's most brilliant teachers... It wouldn't just be a flat digitizing of their teaching, though, since kids still need help, interaction, socialization, etc... so, each lesson would be backed by alternative explanations from *other* brilliant teachers (a kid could even go so far as to say, "You know what? I prefer the explanations from Dr. Jones anyway, so I'll switch to his pipeline,") and you'd have things like live, online teacher-help (video feed), and let students tutor each other, to develop social/communication skills (again, video/desktop-feed), etc...

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