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We are prisoners of our minds, captured between the walls of our ego & senses. Our cultural or religious dogmas are the watchmen on these walls, trying to prevent us coming closer to truths and thus allow our ego controlled mind to continue dominating us. The ability to overcome these watchmen and seeing the truths as they are is what we call 'Thinking outside the box'. Box means our mental prison.


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  • A reply on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    1 day ago: Please see my recent reply to Bob Azzaro above.
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    A reply on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    1 day ago: That's correct. I myself have written similar things in one of my replies here. But yesterday the main comment which I had replied 3 days ago was removed and so my that reply was removed too (that's what TED wrote me).

    So I am not against using the religious doctrine for promoting women's right and alike by reinterpreting that doctrine like Alaa does. But note that my comment which your are referring is not intended specifically for stringent believers who are also against women's rights. It is intended to give the more general view to all and to show that basically any religious doctrine is quite unnecessary for justifying women’s rights or any good deeds we do. The good things we do, don’t need any external or formal authority to support them. We as humans have sufficient human values of our own which provide all the required justifications and reasons for doing good, including the struggle for women’s rights. We as humans, basically, don’t need the religions to guide us for what we actually possess by our human nature and wisdom.
  • A reply on Talk: Yuval Noah Harari: What explains the rise of humans?

    1 day ago: Great analysis. I accept it.
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    A reply on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    3 days ago: Why do you need God and religion to do good things ?? Why there’s a necessity to find a refuge under any such authority to justify a fair attitude for women ??

    IMO, we don’t need any external or formal authorities for reasoning of doing good. It’s just enough to trust our humanity and our human basic values for doing good and for rendering fair attitude to women. There’s no need for any supreme ideals, or principles, or authority, to justify anything like that. It’s just within our basic human values and within our simple conceptual capacities to see and apply all this. No need for anything more transcendental than these. Seek HERE and not THERE.
  • A reply on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    5 days ago: Thanks for nice & clear elaboration of your views.
  • A reply on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    6 days ago: No need for any Nirvana or any such remote notions. Just trust your own human values and abilities. Just use your common sense and that’s enough for simple observations that give you important insights. Don’t misinterpret my arguments like those religious fanatics do with their own religious texts.
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    A comment on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    6 days ago: Alaa Murabit,

    In one point I completely agree with you. You cannot fight wrong religious concepts within communities who have strong grip of a religion on their minds, by denouncing their religious beliefs. It can be much more efficient to tackle their wrong concepts by trying to interpret differently the same religious doctrine.

    But since I am not an expert in religions, particularly in the Koran and Islamic theology, I do not know how much prospects you really have to succeed in tackling those wrong religious concepts by using the same religious doctrine.

    But what interests me more is whether you are using the path of the Islamic religious doctrine to convey your message, as a matter of practicality, or as a matter of principle. Meaning, do you think that there can be other ways, values, systems, etc, besides your own religion, that can be suitable to convey the message of equality-for-women ??
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    A comment on Talk: Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

    Jul 22 2015: There’s no need for any religious scriptures to see that women are entitled for the same rights like men. Actually, there’s no need for any sort of external imposition to see this, but on the contrary. Any unbiased and unprejudiced mind that is free from the grip of any external imposition can easily see that women and men deserve equal rights and opportunities.

    The problem begins when people seek external justifications for their internal unbiased human values. Thus they allow external impositions like religious traditions, social customs, etc, to take a grip on their free minds. When these sort of external grips become distorted due to Politics of Power, Greed, Egoism, etc, also the minds found under these grips become distorted. These distorted minds by such distorted external grips, start then devising distorted concepts about all sorts of things like women, homosexuals, other religions, other ideals, other beliefs, etc.

    So what’s really required is the mental courage to let the mind get completely free of any external grip and to allow it to rely completely upon its own free and unbiased basic human values. Any external grip on our minds is just a big potential spoiler for our basic human values.
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    A comment on Talk: Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion

    Jul 15 2015: It could be much better to have a pro-voice for the world which tells people that our world today does not need so many pregnancies in the first place. Today’s world is exploding with the human population and is on the way to catastrophe in many aspects because of the disproportionate rates of pregnancies relative to our planet’s and humanity’s capacities.

    Then a second pro-voice for the world could explain the youngsters why it’s better to avoid making sex prematurely. This pro-voice could begin with making the distinction between Love and Sex. This distinction seems to be lost even among some matures, let alone the youngsters.

    Pro-voices like above would reduce the need for the pro-voice regarding abortions. Each abortion is a little failure of the entire society. Each pro-voice regarding abortion is just a remedy for such failure. So why not try hard to avoid the failure in the first place ??
  • A reply on Talk: Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist

    Jul 13 2015: I had mentioned the pattern or principle which the modern feminism is pursuing. When this pattern sustains long enough with the modern feminism, it becomes the path which the modern feminism is walking on, or a direction the modern feminism is marching to, or means which the modern feminism has adopted, etc. My precise wording less matters than the spirit underlying that wording.

    The pattern which I have mentioned is that the feminism speaks nobly about pursuing equality, justice, fairness but in practice the modern feminism exhibits dogmatism, hatred, belittling of men, gaining extra privileges than men, sanctifying of some feminist ideals. In a reply to another participant I have said something which suits also now to say: The modern feminism needs to choose what it wants to be -- a social reformer or a social avenger. It can’t be the both simultaneously.

    Your wording describes correctly part of what I mean: “...the approach they have taken uses the same negative methods employed by the (minority) of men who hate women”

    About symptoms vs. cause:
    IMO, what you see as a cause in the feminism issue, is just an another symptom. If I get you right, you see the root cause in “disappearance of socially defined gender definitions”. I argue that this disappearance of definitions which is endorsed and promoted vigorously by the modern feminism, is just one more symptom of the more general issue which you have defined as “politics of power”.

    What’s common to any Politics of Power is crushing and wiping out anything that does not fit into their proclaimed agenda or belief, without heeding to any higher truths or morality. It does not matter who is employing the politics of power and where. It is done in the name of god (religions), in the name of equality to all (communism), in the name of free markets and fortune (capitalism), in the name of human rights (human rights organizations), or in the name of justice and equality for women (modern feminism).
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