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Erotica has always been the furtive lover I held close to my curves during steamy evening tête-à-têtes but lacked the courage to embrace and caress in the brightness of day. Relegated to a dark drawer for years, my stories, all hot and bothered, waited impatiently for me to ask that question. Today…I finger my way to the back of the filing cabinet and tease out my collection of tantalizing tales, each like a ripe mango offering juicy sweetness and tart surprise, needing only a sharp knife to expose the treasure. My pen is my knife now, and the dark drawer has been conquered. I caress the pages, stroking them, tweaking them until they gasp and moan and squeal and pant under the bold strokes of my pen. I apologize to them with my attentions.

Erotica is the sublime seductress of the literary world.

Erotica has an absolute juiciness that no other genre does. There is a profound intimacy in knowing my words have the power to conjure up images that fill readers with hard, wet hungers which demand release. Just the thought of that brings a warm tingle to my nether regions! I believe the world needs more sexiness…and of course more erotica.

The world needs extra-large erotica sections in libraries and bookstores where readers fidget in their chairs. The world needs erotic book club meetings guaranteed to spice up coffee shops and living rooms. And the world definitely needs lovers reading spicy stories aloud to each other as they share that extra glass of wine after dinner, still sitting at the table…the dishes are ignored as, inspired, they create erotica of their own.

So…I offer you my erotica. My stories explore the cravings, the desires, the kinks…the pain, the pleasure and the longing. They are designed to make you gasp, squirm and wonder.

United States, Los Angeles, CA
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Pegging Paradise
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More About Me

I'm passionate about

encouraging a more sex-positive society
exploring sexuality without judgment
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights
gender equality

An idea worth spreading

Sexuality at it's best is an unabashed exploration into what turns you on with a willing partner. Leave society's judgments behind and embrace your kinks, own them, enjoy them, revel in them! Sometimes your sheer joy in the things that turn you on is enough to convince a partner to explore your particular proclivities with you.

Talk to me about

Anything you are passionate about...especially sex.

People don't know that I'm good at

Pegging...and teaching about pegging. And climbing 12K foot mountains.


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