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Mr. Wong is a young philosopher with scientific minds. At the age of 22, he devoted himself to a higher spirit of life.

China, Hong Kong
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An idea worth spreading

Compare the Earth with Mother Cell. The Conscious Earth is correspondent to the cell nucleus from biological perspective (scientific angle). Biosphere in the cytoplasm i.e. the combination of atmosphere and hydrosphere are her “life cycles”. Our civilizations have greatly shortened her life span. Desertification is equivalent to aging. Meanwhile, space station without any resource is more or less the same with a coffin. Creations by Cell (Internal) Divisions. Lives have hierarchies. Distances between each living planet should be a natural mechanism of non-competitions in our solar system. Selfishness embedded in our genes. Selfishness of the Earth. Unconditional Love can only be granted by the God. It is neither deism nor a new religion. The God is actually a higher form of lives, which gives birth to the lower ones. Live is the only principle of our universe. We are animals with higher intelligence only. "Two Eggs - One Survival" an insurance policy has given us a natural satellite.

My TED Story

"Reputation's an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving." William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


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  • A comment on Talk: John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game

    Apr 20 2011: Thank you very much for sharing and I would like to take this serious because of your passion towards education. You are correct. By looking upon the Earth in astronomical scale, it is no different from the plywood board shown in your videos. However, the power throne never stays long in a family clan. Almost everyone prefers an upward going social hierarchy. It relates to the self-consciousness. It increases by the levels of intelligence. Humans are selfish, but the ruler varies from one to another. To make matter worse, we have physical constraints. What if there is a God? The God failed to achieve this (even the children did) because he or she is conscious in the way like us. The situations esp. the population growth, the worsening environment etc. are now beyond the control of this manipulator. It is already too late. The God also takes the responsibilities since we all bear the wrongdoings. It has greatly shortened the life span. People always teach children that the God is all-good. I think it is time for them to understand the truth because the time is quite limited and all the lies have badly affected the world's mentality. Humankind, as the most intelligent species on this planet, must start to accept the truth. Even the process is so slow. We learn to do it bit by bit. Anyway, it is so lucky for you to have such a lovely class.
  • A reply on Conversation: Is it possible that the natural role of humankind is the life cycles of this planet and the physical presence of the God is the Earth?

    Apr 18 2011: You probably play too much video games. If the universe consists of lives in different levels, it make sense that our world turned out to be like this nowadays. The God is only a manipulator and the biosphere is decaying. It is a process (desertification) that cannot be recovered. It is the truth behind all myths including religions and psychology, as it does or it did in every single planet ever alive.
  • A reply on Conversation: Is it possible that the natural role of humankind is the life cycles of this planet and the physical presence of the God is the Earth?

    Apr 18 2011: Then the god(s) will be personal. The UN statistics have revealed the truth. 24,000 under five deaths around the world each day. 1.44 billion people are living in extreme poverty. 925 million people are living in chronic hunger. At least 1.1 billion cannot access to clean water supply. Where are the charity and love? How does the God talk to the dying children?
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    A reply on Talk: Caroline Casey: Looking past limits

    Apr 18 2011: The only way to become healthy human beings is to understand the nature of lives. ”Our individual life is brief, and perhaps the whole life of mankind will be brief if measured in astronomical scale” Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) Our life is a timeline. There must be an end. Our struggles only create pains. Therefore, it is an important step to accept our physical defects.
  • A reply on Conversation: Is it possible that the natural role of humankind is the life cycles of this planet and the physical presence of the God is the Earth?

    Mar 25 2011: It is neither pantheism nor Gaia hypothesis. The assumption I put forward herewith is that the whole universe consists of lives in different levels. By comparing the structure of the Earth with the mother cell, we have the clues of our natural role in this universe. People resent from the truth such as the absence of lives in the nearby planets and the history of biological evolution from the three domains of lives. Instead, many trend to seek reliefs from religions. "Deceiving yourself is deceiving the others." You all know well that the God never appears physically because we are indivisible (inside her physical presence). The God is only a manipulator, which coexists with us. My question is about the TIME. When will all of us admit the truth that Lives in Different Levels is an universal hypothesis that is the ultimate answer for all religions and our existence.
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    A comment on Talk: Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ...

    Mar 19 2011: After I have watched this talk, I can conclude: Sarah is a good person with passion in life, addicted in connections (with people, outgoing personality) and existence (with last breathe, the only evidence for living). MY LIST - 10 things I believed that are true - (1) The physical presence of the God is the Earth, which has a presence equivalent with the cell nucleolus (2) By comparing the basic unit of lives (a mother cell) with a planet, we realize that the natural role of human beings is the life cycle of the Earth (3) and that's why the nearby planets absence of lives, the distances between each living planet prevent us from other forms of living (as your grandpa said, "the galaxy cannot be grabbed by your hands" but the world simply does not made up of sugar (4) The God is a manipulator which conscious in the way as all of us. Einstein cannot conceive of such a presence even he is a great scientist (5) Life has a start. There must be an end. The life cycles (biosphere) of each planet must eventually come to an end. (6) The God created psychology as a tool for manipulations. I believe many of us know her, by whispering. I wonder why they refuse to tell others the truth. (7) The God is indivisible with all of us and always abuses her gifted power from birth to enforce her will on us. I prefer to call it "suffering (both mental and physical torturing)". Those who refused to compromise usually go mad. (8) I know you may stop thinking of having a baby if you know that desertification is the aging (decaying in biology) of this mother cell. (9) I know the truth behind all the myths of the world (this planet). The universe consists of lives in different levels.The origin of the world is birth. This is the most logical explanation for all these. The universe was started unintentionally, like all the life forms on the Earth. (10) If the above are true, I am a young philosopher with scientific minds. Agree?
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    A comment on Talk: Elizabeth Lesser: Take "the Other" to lunch

    Jan 26 2011: "The Other (stereotype)" is a concept in psychology. We trend to label others to find out a common identity (a circle). The society is similar to a concentric circle. People group by different languages, cultural and historical backgrounds. The talk focused on the lunch. It represents every daily small things that we can do to enlarge the circle. Instead of breaking down the circle, I prefer to say it has been enlarged. To achieve the same aim, we have to educate people. We have to encourage them to widen their horizons. Globalization has reached a new stage. Knowledge allows us to have a common identity - a part of this planet. We are actually part of this big family. Life has a start. There must be an end. Think about this: What have happened in our world if lives have hierarchy? What will happen to all of us if we are only the LIFE CYCLES of this planet? "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." Mother Teresa (1910-1997)
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    A comment on Talk: Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China

    Jan 26 2011: The family clans in China allow its regimes to rule over the nation more tightly. I strongly agree his definition on China that it is a ''civilization state'', which was shaped by 2,000 years of culture, the Han superiority and the state-owned economy in history. The West trends to look upon the rise of China as a threat (they always have been - the tiger). The large population of China is actually a burden. It brings complicated social problems and the global resources are going to be exhausted (see the increasing number of the ownerships of the private cars in China). Meanwhile, the juridical system of China failed to protect the transnational enterprises. India has major cities without sewage systems on a single river. They cannot emerge as the super powers immediately. The transformation may not be ''democratization''. Wealth allows Communist China to rule with more support. The real global trend is no water, food and resources caused by over-population/ -consumption/ -production.
  • A comment on Talk: Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions

    Sep 17 2010: Science can explain the sources of desires, by the nature of lives and experiments of our nervous systems and physical bodies. However, morality is more likely to be a common agreement of the public. It differs from geographical locations and the dynasties (or the time) you are living in. Our civilizations are too short (around 3,000 years) with comparisons to the age of the Earth (estimated 4.5 billion years old). Science is more reliable in searching the origin. Philosophy based on facts but does not come for it. The presence of the God must be solid. However, the admirable "God" nowadays is commonly used as an ideal in morality. This trend is an escape from reality. The differences in presence, lack of knowledge and rigid flow of information led to the rises of various religions. Imaginations aroused by the interactions with the God (a subject manipulated our world) have become legends and codes. Their admirations of the God have reasonable psycho explanations.
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