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United States, Montpelier, VT
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Bear Code
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Web Developer, Designer
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Web Design, Web development


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    A reply on Talk: Stewart Brand: 4 environmental 'heresies'

    Jul 17 2009: Cameron, you're conflating "subsistence" with "sustainable." The two are very, very different.

    Farming practices throughout much of the world are wildly unsustainable, particularly in the light of climate change, the widespread development of a cash economy, cheap fossil fuels, and ignorance about ecological tolerance levels. It's possible to have a large-scale farm operation that's completely sustainable, and it's possible to have a small-scale farm that's anything but.
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    A reply on Talk: Stewart Brand: 4 environmental 'heresies'

    Jul 17 2009: @Dennis Towne:

    While crop yields have increased overall, the nutrients per-plant have decreased along with it. It would seem that growing twice as much broccoli means that each floret has half as much iron. This is less of a concern for grains and starches, which have few soil-based minerals.

    I think that there are two causes for concern with genetically modified foods: The first is how crops been modified historically rather than the potential for modifying them in the future--current GM crops focus on pesticide resistance, forcing growers into unequal economic relationships with the crop manufacturer. The accepted practice of patenting living creatures only makes this problem worse. The second is that there's very little deliberation before exposing the ecosphere to "hacked" plant and animal life. The effects of alien species on an ecosphere is hard to predict and can sometimes be extraordinarily damaging.