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Brother Paulus Terwitte was born on July 22, 1959 in Stadtlohn (Germany)
With 19, he enters the capuchin fraternity, studies theology and is then appointed as a priest. The additional qualification in Gestalt therapy and supervision stimulates its meetings with humans. Life- and work stations were Offenburg, Stühlingen, Gera, Frankfurt /Main and Dieburg.
He combines the concern around the young generation with his experiences in the media relations. With his television program on N24 and here in the talk with numerous guests and on SAT1 TV and Radio transmissions as well as by his regular contributions in different magazines and as book author, he goes actively toward its fellow men.
At speeches and workshops, the much-in demand speaker with its figurative-language reveals the fundament of worth-oriented acting and explains descriptively that our humanity proves whether we are content to live ethically.
As a member in the central committee of the German catholics (ZdK) he cooperates in its working group „pastoral basic issues. “ He is religious adviser in the executive committee of the society of catholic journalists and member in the working group “politics and economics” of Frankfurt future council.
Now he lives in Würzburg and starts a German broadcast program: Talks with monks and nuns about their exited expereinces in social an religious life. He is looking for men and woman, who can tell him interesting stories with religious people.

Germany, Wuerzburg
Current organization:
Capuchin Order OFMCap
Past organizations:
Frankfurter Zukunftsrat, Catholic priest, Catholic Online, DOK TV & Media GmbH
I am:
Brainstormer, Christian, Clergy, Educator/Teacher, Filmmaker, Journalist, Performer, Producer, Writer/Editor
English, Italian, French
My website links:
TED conferences attended:
TEDGlobal 2010, TEDGlobal 2009

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More About Me

I'm passionate about

Franciscan spirituality: To have a heart that is ready for sharing with others. I experience humans as a key to discover more sides of me and new aspects of the reality of God.

An idea worth spreading

We need real friends, not only virtual. Therefore there should be financial sponsorship, in which one abandons income and provides it to a personally well-known human as micro credit. Prosperity must be understood ever more than wealth of all. As long as humans are still poor, none can feel rich.

Talk to me about

travelling by train

People don't know that I'm good at

cooking with pleasure, but without cookbook. I feel the food - o, that sounds crazy! - and lift its secret while cooking, arranging the ingredients, stirring and eating.

My TED Story

I met Bruno on a meeting of Mondobiotech. And he invited me to learn about TED. Now I am here. And I am already completely excited, how this enlargement of my network will deepen my faith, extend my thinking and my acting will be forced


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