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I am passionate about film. It consumes my every waking minute and for the last 15 years I've been working on building a career in film as a writer/director. I studied for one year in Art and Design followed by 4 years in Animation Production in Ballyfermot, where I received a Higher National Diploma. I met Thomas A Kennedy and in 2001 we set up Pale Stone Productions Limited.

Our first film was Emily's Song, which I co-wrote and directed, has gone on to screen at over 25 International Film Festivals. It won the 2006 Crystal Heart Award from the Heartland Film Festival, The Unicef UK award and recieved a Special Mention at the 53rd Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. It screened on RTE 2 in August 2007 and December 2008, and continues to screen around the world.

I directed a no-budget short documentary entitled Bill, For Short, has screened at the Heartland Film festival, Heart of Gold Film Festival and will soon screen at festivals in Morocco, Mexico and Italy.

I am currently in post production of my third short film, a piece called Slán agus Beannacht (Goodbye and Blessing). I am in pre-production on two other production, a fourth short film entitled ADAM and a feature documentary entitle 140, involving 140 filmmakers from around the world shooting simultaneously in 140 locations.

Ireland, Drogheda
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Pale Stone Productions Limited
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I'm passionate about

Film. Writing. Photography.

An idea worth spreading

Digital filmmaking has put cinema into the hands of anyone who has a notion to make a film and tell a story. No longer is film for the rich. No longer do the poor have to struggle to find the means. For very little money and with very few resources valuable and engaging films can be made and important stories told. I encourage anyone who has a story, or wishes to document the story of another, to stop ask how and why and just pick up a camera and do it. Our stories our important and there's never been a better time to capture them. How many stories have gone untold because people did not have the means? How many great filmmakers were denied a chance by those who hold the purse strings? That no longer needs to be.

Talk to me about

Independent film and digital film-making. How to make a valuable piece of work with the minimum amount of resources in film or photography.


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