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Cesar Harada (TED Senior Fellow) is the coordinator of Protei the Shape-Shifting, Open-Hardware Oil Spill cleaning Sailing Robot : Protei.org.
Cesar recently moved back from New Orleans - where he was studying the oil spill - back to London where he set up the HQ of Protei as a revolutionary sailing technology. Cesar is now teaching Masters in Design & Environment at Goldsmiths University London.

Cesar recently went to Japan to study radioactivity along the eastern coast and hope to come back soon with Protei to measure radioactivity in the Pacific.
Similarly Cesar wants to use Protei to study Plastic debris in the oceans and red tides along the coasts of Mexico.

Former project leader at MIT in Boston USA, Cesar graduated form the Royal College of Arts Design Interactions in London. He worked at the Southampton University Hydrodynamics laboratory on wave energy. Cesar also studied Industrial design at the ENSCI (les Ateliers Paris) and Animation film at ENSAD (Arts Decoratifs de Paris).

His films, performances and installations have been participating many festivals and events in the USA, Japan, France, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Germany โ€ฆ He lectured at V2_ Rotterdam, Barbican London, CCCB Barcelona, Goldsmiths University London, Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh, MIT Media Lab Cambridge, National Institute of Architecture of the Netherlands...
Cesar Master's project Open_Sailing won the ARS Electronica [Next Idea] Golden Nica in 2009.

United Kingdom, London
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Director - Principal Investigator
Areas of expertise:
Design, Art, Design Strategy, Sailing, martial arts, Construction/Design
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Activist, Designer, Educator/Teacher, Entrepreneur, Explorer, Idea generator, Inventor, Project manager, Social entrepreneur, Student
English, French, Japanese, Spanish
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MIT, Royal College of Art, London, Goldsmiths University London
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TEDGlobal 2012, TED2012, TEDGlobal 2011, TED2011, TED2010

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I'm passionate about

Ocean, Robotics, Architecture, Sciences, People, Arts, Traveling, Learning ...

An idea worth spreading

71% of earth is ocean.
Life on earth started in water more than 3.5 billion y ago.
80% of life on earth is in the oceans.
The future of energy is at sea, may it be renewable or fossil.
In the carbon cycle, we estimate oceans to hold 36,000 gigatonnes of carbon.
Over one billion people depend on seafood.
But ...
Much of all the waste we produce - including nuclear waste - ends up in oceans.
It is estimated if we don't stop overfishing now, in 50 years we wont be able to "come back", biodiversity drops... Seafarers and fishermen have the highest occupational mortality rate in the world. Much of the ocean remains unexplored... We invest billions in weapons of mass destruction, in space conquest... Maybe it is also a good idea to invest in what remains of life on our planet, our oceans. We must guarantee not the supremacy of an ideology, an economic model or a country, but for the future of life on earth.

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My TED Story

In the Autumn 2009, Open_Sailing got invited by Andrea Grover to exhibit at the Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Andrea encouraged me to apply to TED. I knew TED, I never thought I would ever be part of it, too focused on my research at the time.
In the winter 2004, a tsunami hit the coasts of the Indian Ocean, devastation, no more drinking water. I had a friend studying in Auroville, she sent an SOS. From Paris, with the help of Mita Radhakrishnan I set up a website to collect funds to buy desalination pumps. In about 10 days we collected enough to provide drinking water to local population.
In the year 2008 I was studying and developing the Open_Sailing project under the supervision of Nina Pope at the Royal College of Art, London. Thanks to Andrea, Mita, Nina and all the people working and helping Open_Sailing, I am presenting our project at TED. I hope we will find supporters for the long term development of the International_Ocean_Station.