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I'm really interested in communication. I'm interested in how we communicate online, with large groups, and with each other. I am interested in how communication tools can improve it, how communication can spread knowledge, and how we can do it better. I'm a librarian, and communication is central to my career. How do we share knowledge? How do we convey information issues to classrooms of students? How does website design shape the communication that can take place? Communication and information, through the lens of technology. Those are the issues I spend most of my time thinking through.

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I'm passionate about

Information. I am passionately interested in how technology is radically changing how we find, absorb, and share information.

An idea worth spreading

We live in awe-inspiring times. The information environment is undergoing changes that haven't been witnessed since Gutenberg. We get to be alive for this, and we can help shape the future. People all over the world have access to phenomenal resources and can communicate with an ease never before imagined. Many of the things that we take for granted today were just words in science fiction books just a few years ago. These times are amazing, and it is worth taking time to reflect on that every so often.


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