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I am writer, creative strategist and a brand consultant who has conceived communications for some of the world's largest companies, as well as some you'd need a séance to find.

Over the years, I realized that I offered my clients something more, something infinitely rarer than the choice between brains and brawn, hip or hop. I brought them wit, intelligence and integrity. It seems that the ability to distinguish between minotaurs and centaurs, “American Beauty” and “La Dolce Vita,” Paul Manship and Giacommetti, and Damien Hirst, has allowed me to help clients avoid tempting but ultimately irrelevant work.

Finally, having worked with blue chips and start-ups, millionaires and bankrupts, lawyers and wise guys, boxing promoters and modern dancers, engineers and movie producers, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs I’ve learned that everything good is back-breakingly hard to do, and rarely suitable to use a second time.

In sum, familiarity with ideas that span more than a decade, acquaintance with both morgues and patisseries, and having known the pleasures of both the whorehouse and Riverhouse, I have acquired something of value for my clients. Namely, that there is only one measure of my work: does it advance a client’s business ends.

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An idea worth spreading

There are exits but no escapes.

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Venice. Casanova."La Dolce Vita."

People don't know that I'm good at

Day Dreaming. Flaneurie. Leisure. Star gazing. Eating tan tan mein with plastic chop sticks. Admiring the view.


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    A comment on Talk: William Ury: The walk from "no" to "yes"

    Nov 30 2010: The notion of the "Abraham Path," is no Yellow Brick Road that leads to some utopian Oz, it is a self-serving construct that starts out by denying what might be called the "Abrahamic Legacy:" The Old Testament, New Testament & Koran, each tells a different story and none promise a happy ending. As for Middle Eastern hospitality, it is only equalled by Middle Eastern mendacity and cruelty. I'm sure Mr. Ury is a lovely man but there's something more than naiveté about his approach, especially in trying to find a metaphor in the life of Abraham, since three different religions all have competing claims to his legacy. Who will yield their claim to the Patriarch? The problem here is that Ury did not asked anyone to give up anything? Once he does, that's when the knives come out.
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    A comment on Talk: Birke Baehr: What's wrong with our food system

    Nov 29 2010: Really a pathetic contribution. I feel terribly sorry for this little boy, trained like a performing seal, by his obviously narcissistic parents. In fact, I would have Birke's parents investigated for a kind of Child Abuse. Certainly this kind of indoctrination, fine for Nazi or Communist Youth groups, but inappropriate for reasonable discussion. The boy's disillusionment is patently insincere—his presentation has the quality of being practiced over and over again to the beat of a metronome.

    What is particularly discouraging about this piece is how little Birke's parents whipped up this sad, sad spectacle instead of encouraging the boy to think critically. Does the lad understand that there are close to 8 billion people in the world and that only a privileged few will enjoy the splendors of local and seasonal and regional food? What's "creepy" is this boy's parents and their experimentation on their child.
  • A comment on Talk: Jonathan Harris: The web as art

    Feb 12 2009: Very interesting graphics but the content is surprisingly shallow and embarrassingly derivative. On the whole Harris comes off as a self-regarding narcissist and extraordinarily privilege white boy who mixes harmless exhibitionism with safe voyeurism. Take away Harris sophisticated graphics and his sentiments are barely worth reproducing on a tee-shirt.
    The man seems to have have no grasp of the depth of either human feeling or how it is experienced.
    Facile is the word that comes to mind, that and self congratulatory. My advice to this self regarding brat is to spend some time in Gaza or in the Congo, or in East New York.
    The positive responses to this presentation makes me fear for the world. It's terrifying to see how ignorant people appear. How easily seduced they are by a few clever motion graphics and how eagerly they lap up style for substance. It's also astonishing to read how people approach this nonsense with no critical understanding. What can I say except that Harris comes as a fake and a fraud, but then again he makes his audience feel good about themselves, and isn't that exactly the point here.