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Data + Work = Information
Information + Work = Analytics
Analytics + Work = Good Decisions

Me = Worker

Canada, Toronto
Current organization:
Data & Technology Solutions
Current role:
Data Scientist
Areas of expertise:
healthcare, decision support , Data & Information, Data Science
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I'm passionate about

Transforming data into useful information for evidence-backed decision-making

An idea worth spreading

Managing healthcare is cheaper than ignoring it.

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You bring the idea & need, I'll bring the data & decision support.

Maps, visualizations, infographics, #OpenData

Performance Measurement, Management and Accountability

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My TED Story

After viewing Hans Rosling's 2nd TED talk (followed quickly by the 1st and every other), TED quickly replaced the TV as my major form of entertainment. However Rosling's software, made available by Google, eventually had an even greater impact.

Within 6 months I'd left my position as Manager of Research, Health Records and Decision Support at a $125M/1.1M client, integrated home/community care health service management organization to found Data & Technology Solutions with the intention of bring Trending Visualizations in the form of Business Intelligence to Ontario health service provider organizations.


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    A comment on Conversation: What have you accomplished in response to a TEDTalk?

    Jun 19 2012: Yeah!
    I quit my Job!

    ... and decided to strike it out on my own to develop a Hans Rosling/Gapminder inspired healthcare performance measurement, management and accountability decision support system. Thanks to TED I've already received awards and accolades for my work (and much higher personal life satisfaction!).

    Then, after Tim Berners-Lee's call for OpenData, I started finding, integrating and including as many opendata sets as I could scrape together into a data visualization tool and making them freely available to everyone to assist in evidence-based decision-making: Check it out at http://opendata.datatechsoln.com

    TED changed my life and providence willing will eventually lead to improvements in equitable access to health care services, healthcare performance and the general health, welfare and satisfaction of my fellow citizens.


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