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I'm passionate about

solving the global climate crisis.

An idea worth spreading

On December 14th 1976, I received the first of two recommendations from Buckminster Fuller for originating a theory about the initial stages of development for technologically-advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

That theory is that in order to become a space-faring species, any advanced civilization must build a space vehicle launch facility on the surface of their planet that would use the energy from their local star. In the case of human beings on this planet, we would need to build a solar (or any renewable) energy collection facility that would convert sunlight into electricity to electrolyze, liquefy and store adequate amounts of hydrogen from ocean water for the indefinite operation of a space vehicle launch site.

The Solar Space Port Initiative would have the goal of making the Kennedy Space Center - Space Shuttle Launch Facility use liquid hydrogen and oxygen and electricity produced only from renewable energy.

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  • A comment on Talk: Bill Gates: Innovating to zero!

    Feb 22 2010: Great talk Bill! But Bill, I think human beings are still too fascinated with "burning things" (even nuclear fuel) and calling it generating energy. There is an enormous explosion occurring 8-light minutes away, that will continue for the next 5-billion years and relative to our needs, we've not tapped it.

    The best idea I've ever heard is from the late Buckminster Fuller (it calls for building a global superconductive energy grid connecting and pooling all renewable energy sources on the planet).
    Back in the 1980's I had an idea for a NASA-led "Moon Project for Renewable Energy”. It could have started a solar energy and superconductive technology revolution (http://challenge.bfi.org/node/476). Let me know what you think of this idea. It may be the kind of project to lead the nation and the world into a sustainable energy based future.