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  • A reply on Conversation: What are the limitations that keep new educational designs from being implemented tomorrow in schools and especially in higher education?

    Nov 19 2012: João,
    I don't know what field you are studying in but there are quite a few situations where memorization is a key element to understanding the facts. For example, I'm a third year health science student and in my first two years I had to take a myriad of courses that taught medical terms, how cells work, basic chemical principles that all had to be simply memorized so that this year and further down the road, I can understand the body, how it works and be able to communicate effectively with others in my field about it.
    While I do agree that the school system needs to be changed, maybe don't be so quick to abolish teaching students how to memorize, it does come in handy. Perhaps the solution to the education problem is in learning to more evenly split the curriculum from a younger age between teaching children to memorize and teaching them to be innovative.