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TEDxVail2015: naturally will be on Friday, January 9, 2015 from 3-10 at The Vilar Center in Beaver Creek. My grandfathers taught me to respect the Earth. Digging deep with hands into the dirt, I’ve created award winning gardens, innovative programs (Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail and the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies in Homer, AK). Risk taking, I’ve flown high (freestyle aerialist and Air Castles hot air balloon champagne flight service in Boulder), pioneered new paths (one of the first women attending US Air Force Academy, and dug deep within (Lifespring councilor, Conscious Evolution guide, Social Synergy, tribal native spiritual ecology) all characterize paths of knowing, the soul serenity found in wild places. Bringing young leaders to WILD9, 9th World Wilderness Congress, infused an urgency, lightheartedness and idealism to save at least half of Earth's wilds. I am honored to offer my talent, treasure, relations to preserve Earth for my son's sons' 7 generations to come.
1. At the United States Air Force Academy, I was ranked 11 out of 1500 mostly make cadets, being in the second class of women, in the first year, free-fall parachuted, taught land navigation, was the squadron flag bearer, was in the first squad of cheerleaders, have a dozen hours in a Cessna T-37 Screaming Mimi, and sang in the choir in the beautiful stained glass Chapel. Nominated by then Senator Les Aspin of Wisconsin, then became Secretary of Defense. Thank you for taking a risk on a bright-eyed Wisconsin girl!
2. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is my first home and my family remains. I am the oldest of 5 kids and ran a family business at age 12.
3. I competed in freestyle aerials in skiing and was going for the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. Former team mate Melanie Pelanek, from Winter Park, got the spot and won the Gold Medal. Go Freestyle Team USA!
4. I was an exchange student in Barcelona, Spain and Cordova, Argentina. I love the Latin culture!
5. My Mom taught me I could be/do/have anything I wanted in life. Can do! I miss you, mom.
6. I designed my Alaskan house, and have been a Frank Lloyd Wright fan since sitting in the Lake Geneva library as a girl overlooking the changes weather had on the water.
7. While my son's athletic ability in golf, skiing, soccer, fly fishing, golf inspires and amazes me, it was his speech at WILD9, 9th World Wilderness Congress in Merida, Mexico that he turned into an ECO Rap anthem called ECO Friendly for WILD10 so far made me proudest of him. His rap duo M.C.D.T. performed at TEDxYBC and TEDxVailWomen 2013. Go McKenzy! He also won a Jefferson Award and Ashoka's Technology 4 a Better World national competition. He coded the first teen TEDxHomer app-at 15.
8. I am a grandmother to Jay-20 and Will-10 and a Minecraft genius.
9. Skiing makes me sublimely happy! Back Bowls of Vail's 6,000 acres is my happy place. Greetings to Vail Resorts for providing world class skiing!
10. HaberVision.com, our high end polarized sunglass company, provides charities with sustainable streams of funding through easily placed links on their websites.
11. Earth stewardship makes me wild, serving on: WILD Foundation,
Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, Vail Alpine Garden Foundation. I cofounded Sustainable Homer. I marched 3,000 miles from LA to DC in the Great March for Climate Action this year. ClimateMarch.org
12. I believe and support youth philanthropy! Go WILD10 teens, Ecologicals, and TEDxHomer Teens, Piggybackr.com, Rotary Global Peace Forum teens!
13. I mentored a powerful emerging woman leader and citizen journalist from Uganda, Beatrice Achieng Nas, through World Pulse's Voices Rising. She was chosen one of 3 speakers to celebrate their 10th. I am grateful to all those in WP! I also served as a mentor to the Women Leaders Forum. Go Young Women Ambassadors!
14. My first car was a turquoise Buick Wildcat. We replaced the front bench seat with 3 green leather cushions with roller wheels and put black and white zebra striped furry fabric inside. My sporty USAFA car: chocolate Datsun 280 ZX. My current car Audi A5. My dream car: TESLA.
15. I consider myself fiscally conservative (read not big governmental programs-but grassroots grown & community scaled) and socially liberal.
16. I founded TEDxHomer in Alaska and TEDxVail in Colorado. TEDxHomer Teens fledged to produce for and by teens TEDxYouth@Homer2012:Let's Play!
2009: The Great Unveiling TEDxHomer
2010: Sustain US TEDxVailWomen
2011: heART Matters TEDxVailWomen
2012: Let's Play2012 TEDxVailWomen TEDxVailChange.
2013/4: TEDxVailWomen, TEDxVailChange Naturally 2015: TEDxVail:naturally 17. I love TED cred points. Leading edge ideas excite me, challenging fresh linkages for solutions.
18. I founded a virtual Rotary Club: WeRotary.com.

United States, Homer, AK
Current organization:
WILD Foundation
Past organizations:
Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, HaberVision.com, TEDxVail,com, WeRotary.com
Current role:
Organizer / Curator
Areas of expertise:
Natural leadership, Heart-centered communication of "I am", Skiing the back bowls of Vail, Hiking Grewingk Glacier in Kachemak Bay Alaska, non profit governance, Mentoring women and girl leaders, Sustainability in Alaska, Youth eco leadership, Early adaptation of social media tools, coaching TEDx speakers
I am:
Activist, Athlete, Brainstormer, Change Agent, Connector, Environmentalist, Parent, Philanthropist, Social entrepreneur, World traveler
English, French, Spanish
My website links:
"Dear Developed Earth," McKenzy Haber at WILD9, HaberVision.com, TEDxHomer
United States Air Force Academy, Knox College, Colorado University, Boulder
TED conferences attended:
TEDActive 2015, TEDGlobal 2014, TEDActive 2014, TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2012, TEDActive 2011, TEDActive 2010, TEDActive 2009

TEDCRED 500+ TED AttendeeTEDx Organizer

More About Me

I'm passionate about

Great March for Climate Action, Earth's wilds. all things Alaskan, California coasts & desert, Colorado Rockies, beautiful writing, sanctuaries, skiing Vail's back bowls, We Rotary,

An idea worth spreading

Holistic solution to energy/ecology/education/economic systems. Call for all hands on deck radically linking everyone in a Citizen's Solution Council. The key to one can be the key to all. Local solutions with global impact fed back into an internet based exchange of solutions. Nature thrives when it continuously feeds back survivability clues back into its systems. Putting teens into global conferences so that decisions being made will take into account their ideas and the state of the world we are leaving them. Let's turn ordinary teens into Xtraordinary contributors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEpR-lq85bI

Talk to me about

WILD places/people,TEDxVail, Alaska, Great March for Climate Action, energy, emerging environmental leaders, sustainability & business, Back Bowls, We Rotary

People don't know that I'm good at

jumping off boulders in the back bowls of Vail, leading "I am" wilderness meditations, skiing blindly, deep breathing/dancing in the wild, linking global organizations with enviro projects

My TED Story

While developing the 9th Word Wilderness Congress, someone mentioned how powerful she thought TED was. I investigated when I learned 2009 TEDActive would be in Palm Springs, where I live in the winter, would host. These ideas ignited such excitement that I brought TEDx to Homer, Alaska where we live. Go TED! TEDxHomer teens made the digital divide passable from the beginning. For TEDxHomer2010:Sustain US they won Ashoka's Technology for a Better World national competition with 4 other teams from all parts of the country. McKenzy, at 14, was given a chance to give a plea to hundreds to support TEDxYouth events throughout the US when he was given a Jefferson Award for community service to America. Positive solutions become apparent at deep levels when ideas worth spreading are shared with the world live and online. The teens have fledged and other teens are organizing their own events, dishing up delicious digital desserts for TEDxYouth. Now I organize TEDxVail.


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