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Happy Junior High Student
Depressed High School Student and University student
Learned through TED and Psychology, applied it to cure my own depression
Awesome 2nd Course of Study
Working in a business as the assistant of the managing director.
Happy, Inspiring, Loving TEDster

Future? TEDx World tour, Masters in Computational Neuroscience, poker player, world traveler, TEDx Organizer, TED Translator,

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I'm passionate about

What makes people do what they do, Psychology, New Technology, interdisciplinary application of paradigms, Neuroscience, Music, non-zerosumness

An idea worth spreading

TED is the an idea worth spreading. It is not just the spreading of one particular thing, but the enabling of people to make their own decisions. TED is Religion 2.0 - a scientific religion if you will. It teaches you moral values, inspires you to keep improving yourself to be the best person you can possibly be for the people around you.

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TEDx Worldtour, Your Story, Happiness, Neuroscience, Psychology

People don't know that I'm good at

Listening for hours on end

My TED Story

I was in a depression, when my brother sent me the TED-link to Dan Gilberts speech about "Stumbling on happiness".
It helped me kick-start out of a depression and into a live of inspiration, motivation, happiness and character development.
Since then I have been growing in almost every aspect of life, I am healthier, more productive, I inspire the people around me and help them to become the best they can.


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  • A reply on Talk: Jay Walker: The world's English mania

    May 28 2009: So you are saying it may just happen that people end up disagreeing, but in that same language? Fair point and they might.
    More importantly they might actually agree. If there is no common denomiator, no common ground to start from, there is no chance of reaching an agreement.
    If I just spoke German, and you your native language, this conversation right here could not happen, we could not disagree, but ultimately there would be no chance to ageeing would there?
    We got this thrive for perfection, bad thing is there usually is no perfect solution, just in the spirit of natural selection an evolvement of things that get better.
  • A comment on Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

    May 8 2009: Interesting talk.
    I feel like it is basically an application of Positive Psychology.
    What she is basically saying is that creative people should change their explanatory style so that they somewhat externalize why and what happenes with their creative outcome.

    I don't think we can change it society wide simply because to most people it will sound like a very weird concept(and I don't really agree with it either) But for someone in the same shoes -- and im not only talking about people in creative processes but people generally concerned with the outcome of their work and depression in general -- this or a variation of the very concept might work to easen the burden and thereby makes their live better.

    If your interested in what I think makes this work for her from a psychological point of view I'd suggest the Book Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman.