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Japan, Osaka , Toyonaka
Current organization:
Aiwa co Ltd.
Past organizations:
Sojitz Incorporated, Funai Electric Co., ltd., Japan Digital Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
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Sales & Business Development
Areas of expertise:
Political affairs, Economic, Chinese and Mongolian culture, Marketing / Branding, Advertising, Events, Japanese Culture, International Affairs

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Chinese popular music, Chinese Cuisine, Japanese pop culture


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  • A reply on Talk: Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China

    Jul 31 2013: “China's Textbooks Twist and Omit History.“ By Howard W. French. New York Times on December 5, 2004.
    Most Chinese students finish high school convinced that their country has fought wars only in self-defense, never aggressively or in conquest, despite the People's Liberation Army's invasion of Tibet in 1950 and the ill-fated war with Vietnam in 1979, to take two examples. Similarly, many believe that Japan was defeated largely as a result of Chinese resistance, not by the United States.
    According the NYT, a teacher said a blistering pace, during a lecture on China's relations with the world from 1929 to 1939 in one of this country's, Japan decided to pursue its own longtime desire for a continental empire, and attacked China. I heard teachers have used 1937 pictures which showed the fake of Nanking Massacre.
    Chinese government has taught wrong history to school kids. The fundamental reason for that is the Chinese Communist Party became the core power that united the nation. For these reasons, no one learns that 30 million people died from famine because of catastrophic decisions made in the 1950's, during the Great Leap Forward, by the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong and the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square. Can we call this mind controlled? I think YES!
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    A comment on Talk: Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China

    May 31 2013: Yes, I also agree with you basically.
    I know, Chinese people are not always brainwashed by propaganda. Also Japanese are flexible, not tmonomania, pacifist、not militarist, not 鬼子 as you know.
    We should think about the third party's profit(漁夫之利)when Japan and China are opposed

    Unfortunately, however, In fact, Chinese school kids have learned anti-Japanese education. Especially, you know, uneducated people are easily brainwashed by the government without doubt.
    Well-educated young people(?) like you should blame the anti-Japanese destruction and looting activities like that. That is the shame of Chinese. "patriotism is not sin(愛国無罪)," is self‐righteous, not accepted globally.
    In the East Asia, I think that the interchange of the free opinion between the citizens beyond the border is necessary like Europe and North America.
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    A reply on Talk: Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China

    Apr 1 2013: Your opinion is the same as the Japanese mainstream thinking. I was very much relieved.

    Japanese have two conflicting feelings against Chinese. One is the people of culture, while the great powers of the eternal history with vast land. The other is the people lacking of morality in dictatorial developing country. I guess it is not true either.
    Also for the Mainland Chinese, should have conflicting ideas (fear and contempt) against the Japanese.

    From trying to measure the other in own value, these contradictions will come out.
    Political form is different, it is very similar to Japanese and Chinese (Han) in each individual life and value, comparing with Western.

    We are eating rice with chopsticks, drinking tea, can also communicate with each other in Chinese character. We can also talk a lot about 柯南, 孫悟空、三国志演義 and 村上春樹 at same perspective. However, we have many different parts, it should recognize them each other.
    Without looking at the figure of truth, it is stupid enough to believe that only the government and media’s propaganda and hate them.

    I think that Internet is powerful tool to communicate with each other. On the other hand, it is also the tool of brainwashing by the authorities. In the past, Dictators are ruled with fear and control of information. We should take care of the person-to-person exchanges.
  • A comment on Conversation: Sweatshops: justified or not?

    Nov 12 2012: Sweatshop is a dark, mean and nasty, grungy delight! A group of highly disposable young people decide to throw an illegal rave in a semi-abandoned warehouse; semi-abandoned because, unknown to them, its sole resident, a giant of a man with the world's largest hammer , is still very much at home and determined to keep the noise down! And that's all there is to it!
  • A comment on Talk: Tan Le: My immigration story

    Nov 9 2012: I thank this wonderful lady.,this lady aware of the great family story and gives a very nice messages.,to people. Thanks ,
  • A comment on Talk: Elyn Saks: A tale of mental illness -- from the inside

    Nov 9 2012: Very interesting, indeed.
  • A comment on Talk: Malte Spitz: Your phone company is watching

    Nov 9 2012: Awesome.... Really impressive !
    Thank you Mr. Spitz for this important talk
  • A comment on Talk: Marco Tempest: A cyber-magic card trick like no other

    Nov 9 2012: It's a magic! fantastic! Amazing!
    Very impressive. Thanks for upload.
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    A comment on Talk: Faith Jegede: What I've learned from my autistic brothers

    Nov 4 2012: Brilliant and inspiring talk of Faith Jegede.
  • A comment on Talk: Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity

    Nov 4 2012: Japanese education lose sight of the original purpose, are killing children's creativity. As usual, we have to learn for the written test.
    Adults who received such education is the core of society, creative industries are no longer born. The result is a slump of major electronics manufacturers.
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