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As a longtime presentation evangelist and a true believer in the power of a well-designed presentation, it only makes sense that Marsh initiated the concept that would become eSlide.While the business world was on the “Death by PowerPoint” bandwagon, Marsh felt strongly enough about well-designed presentations that he decided that it was time a company specialized in PowerPoint design and production.

Marsh believes that presentations are a critical corporate communication tool, and promotes the idea that effective PowerPoint can actually bring LIFE to ideas and organizations. In his 20+ years in the industry, he has seen many examples of the influence a good presentation can have on a company. He has seen great presentations motivate firms to survive tough challenges, and has witnessed stock prices soar after a strong presentation by company leadership teams.

Along with a B.S. degree in Organizational Communication, Marshall brings a unique combination of creative, technical and managerial talent that provides clients with effective and efficiently produced visual media.

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